Close Dupes Of Delina From Parfums De Marly

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Delina by Parfums de Marly is a high-end perfume that has gained popularity over the years, mainly for how good it smells and its longevity. 

Despite the glowing reviews, there are reasons why you might want to consider Delina alternatives.

It’s not on the cheap side. It costs over $300 for a bottle. Delina is priced higher than many luxury scents and could deter you from buying it in case you hate it. Delina isn’t always in stock either. It often goes out of stock and if you’re low or empty and don’t want to wait, a close dupe can get you through until a restock.

Do you want to find out what other fragrances are similar? In this guide, I’ve selected my top five favorite dupes of Delina by Parfums de Marly.

Watch the 1-minute video of perfumes similar to Delina:

A Brief Overview of Delina

Delina is a luxury scent that people rave about, and for good reason. It smells divine. You will notice the longevity of the perfume as well as its allure when you wear it. Regular wearers say that they are often stopped and asked what they are wearing or why they smell so good. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I do get compliments on how I smell when I wear it.

Another reason people, myself included, love it is the bottle design. It’s different and unique. It’s cute, girly, and doesn’t feel cheap. It’s a heavy bottle. Some luxury brands nail it on the scent but fail on the packaging. Delina doesn’t miss the mark.

Delina has a fresh, yet deep scent. The rhubarb and lychee top notes provide it with that fresh, fruity scent. It’s a good fragrance for spring, summer, and autumn because of these notes. The rhubarb does contribute a bit of sourness to the scent, and some people do not like that.

On super-hot days, I’d choose to wear something else though. It can become cloying when high humidity is involved. It’s a rose-based perfume, so I wouldn’t recommend it for the winter either. To me, Delina smells very feminine and is a signature scent. It’s not very intense either, so you can wear it to work or in crowded places without complaints.

Now let’s look at a couple of cheaper but equally good alternatives.

My Top 5 Parfums de Marly Delina Dupes

1. Julianna’s Perfume Inner Beauty

Juliannas Perfume Inner Beauty
Julianna’s Perfume Inner Beauty


Inner Beauty makes my list as a Delina alternative for a few reasons. It smells similar to Delina and while the creator doesn’t mention it being inspired by it, it’s too close to not be. To me, it’s almost identical, about 90% close, but does have a slightly noticeable difference.

Delina has a softer, less intense scent and well-blended notes. Inner Beauty has a more intense scent. You won’t notice it right away, but you will be able to tell it’s not an exact match over time.

Despite the difference, I’d still opt for this over Delina. For starters, it’s much cheaper than Delina. At the time of writing, it cost $59 for a 50ml bottle compared to the $320 price tag for a 75ml Delina bottle.

Because Inner Beauty is more intense, it tends to last longer than Delina and offers better value for the money you spend.

2. Lady Diana by Alexandria Fragrances

Lady Diana by <a href=
Lady Diana by Alexandria Fragrances


Lady Diana from Alexandria makes the list because it is literally inspired by Delina. And I can tell it closely matches Delina in many ways.

Though the rhubarb is somewhat more present in Lady Diana, it shares the same overall notes of Delina. Delina is a softer scent because of the sharper rhubarb in Lady Diana. Lady Diana also smells slightly sweeter, but you won’t notice unless you’re actively looking for the differences.

The longevity and sillage are similar to Delina’s. However, it won’t last as long, and the sillage fades after about two hours. 

The presentation of Alexandria’s Lady Diana lacks the exclusivity of Delina. The bottle resembles a square nail polish bottle with a wooden cap. But like Delina, you can expect to get compliments on how good you smell and get asked what you’re wearing.

Besides the scent, the price is what attracted me the most to this dupe. You can buy three different sizes from 30ml, 60ml, or 100ml. The largest bottle is only $100, making it an excellent value for the price.

3. Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera
Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera


Very Good Girl needs to be on my list as it’s created by the same perfumer, Quentin Bisch. They share similar notes of lychee, rose, vanilla, and vetiver. If you weren’t an avid wearer of Delina, you wouldn’t be able to tell the scents apart from one another. I almost mistook it for a flanker.

Like Delina’s, this bottle design is both distinctive and luxurious. It’s in the shape of a high heel shoe and reminds me of a Louboutin heel with the color scheme. It’s what I’d expect from a luxury brand but often don’t see.

Very Good Girl does differ from Delina in some ways with the scent. It’s less complex, which could be a positive to some people. It has a sweeter smell than Delina too. It’s not a huge difference or necessarily bad, but if you’re someone that wears Delina often, you’ll notice it.

Compared to the longevity and sillage of Delina, Delina does win in those categories. Very Good Girl does last about 12 hours but the sillage doesn’t hold up to an hour. Very Good Girl is more of a summer scent, and it can be worn day or night. However, I’d recommend it for evening or night use because it is intense.

Carolina Herrera’s Very Good Girl is cheaper than Delina by almost more than half the cost, and you do get slightly more in the bottle. At this price point, I’d give it an acceptable value for your money.

4. First Kiss by Be Layered

First Kiss by Be Layered
First Kiss by Be Layered


First Kiss is another fragrance inspired by Delina. It makes my list of close Delina dupes not because it was inspired but because the scent hits the mark. 

It smells very like Delina. However, it does have a few noticeable differences in the opening. First Kiss has a sweeter, slightly greener scent than Delina. It also lacks the airiness that Delina has. Overall, I’d rate it 95% identical to Delina.

The sillage of First Kiss is surprisingly on par with Delina. However, it has a more nutmeg incense-like smell, unlike Delina. In contrast to Delina, First Kiss doesn’t have the staying power to make it through the day. The longevity isn’t the greatest and only lasts about five or six hours compared to the 12+ Delina offers.

First Kiss misses the mark for those who want a similar aesthetic to Parfums de Marly’s Delina. The bottle design is underwhelming and is almost a clone of Lady Diana. The only difference is the color and name on the label. It’s not a huge deal but it does make it feel cheap and boring.

The price for First Kiss is $63 for the 55ml bottle. I’d rate the perfume okay based on its quality-price value.

5. Pink Rose by Montagne

Pink Rose by Montagne
Pink Rose by Montagne

Pink Rose by Montagne gets high praise for practically being a clone of Delina. It shares the exact notes and smells the same for the most part. 

I was highly impressed with the quality and how closely it smelled. On the opening, it does differ slightly with a sweeter smell. However, it only lasts for a few moments and then becomes indistinguishable. For a few minutes, I forgot I wasn’t wearing Delina.

Like Delina, it can be worn day or night and is best suited for spring, summer, and autumn. The longevity directly matches Delina, where it can last even after washing your clothes. 

A slight disappointment of Pink Rose to me is the presentation. It’s a round bottle that reminds me of a travel spray bottle with a chrome cap. It has some uniqueness: it personalizes your name on the label and includes the bottling date and perfume name. However, it doesn’t have that luxury feel to it like Delina.

Despite the underwhelming design, the perfume itself is cheap. It’s only $40 for a 50ml bottle compared to Delina’s price of $320 for 75ml. I’d rate this outstanding for the value because of the price tag, longevity, and the scent. 

Out of all the dupes, this one was my favorite.

In Conclusion

When choosing a similar fragrance, you don’t just want to only select by scent. You want to consider the factors like seasonal wear, day and night use, or how strong it is. Some of the dupes I reviewed smelled almost identical to Delina but couldn’t be worn at night or were too intense to wear to work.

It’s not a big deal to some but others value having a dupe that doesn’t just match in scent but bottle design too. Similarly, the price matters. You don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a dupe when you can have Delina itself. Luckily, none of the close perfumes I found were overpriced and were better than Delina in that aspect.

If you’re seeking the closest  Delina dupe possible and only care about a similar smell, then I’d highly recommend Pink Rose by Montagne. If you are looking for a similar scent to Delina with an equally luxurious bottle design, I’d recommend Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera.

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