Clones of Parfums de Marly Layton

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Finding a powerful yet feminine scent has always been difficult for me. There is just a fine line between being too masculine, and bringing on a feminine sweetness. When I first found Parfums de Marly Layton, I was shocked to be able to find a fragrance that was so stunningly masculine with woods and ambers while mixing soft feminine elements like florals.

Despite finding such an intriguing fragrance, even I have my limits on what I am willing to pay for luxury. Lucky for me, I did some research and found that I don’t need to pay huge prices to get almost identical fragrances.

While they might not be the real deal, these five fragrances will bring a bit of debonair to your day without needing to take up a second job.

Discover the best Layton clones in this video:

What We Are looking for in Parfums de Marly Layton

Inspired by all things elegant, Layton was created in 2016 and immediately woo-ed men and women alike with its strong yet sultry structure. An amber floral fragrance, I find the scent to be versatile for any time of day during the cooler months. To my nose, the fragrance emits a more masculine edge but is cut nicely with softer and sweeter elements that make it just as wearable for women.

Opening with a hint of fruit from a mix of apple, bergamot, and mandarin, the middle note comes in with strong feminine floral notes like jasmine and violet. The drydown is grounded in masculine woody elements mixed with patchouli, vanilla, and pepper.

I find this fragrance takes on a fresh and sweet overtone with darker, more powerful woody elements in its base. The vanilla and spice in the end also add a warmth to the structure which blends well in the colder months.

Incredibly long-lasting and with a sillage for days, you’d think that this fragrance had a little bit for everyone, but unfortunately the price can be a little more than we are willing to bargain for. Thankfully, there are a lot of fragrances on the market today that can bring such long-lasting unisex appeal without needing to pay over-the-top prices. Here are 5 of my favorite Parfum de Marly Layton clones that you wouldn’t even know were not the real thing.

5 Clones of Parfums de Marly Layton

1. Dua Royal Chariot Attar

Dua Royal Chariot Attar
Dua Royal Chariot Attar

Dua is always one of my go-to dupe houses for its incredible commitment to its inspired fragrance, and its very affordable pricing. Dua Regal Chariot Attar is no exception with its nearly identical structure to Layton, with a way better price tag.

Opening with a mix of bergamot, apple, and mandarin, the structure blends these sweeter fruit elements with a floral middle of lavender and violet. The fragrance then dries down into a deep and spicy mix of guaiac wood, patchouli and vanilla.

Perhaps a bit more on the feminine side, this is still a perfect unisex fragrance through and through, with a great potential to be used from Autumn to Spring.

Being an Attar, be aware that this fragrance might take some time to mature before it reaches its peak structure. From its opening, I find the scent is a bit richer and it mellows out into a softer structure over time.

2. Alexandria Royal Equestrian

Alexandria Royal Equestrian
Alexandria Royal Equestrian

A more masculine inspiration from Layton, Alexandria Royal Equestrian has an amazing sillage and longevity for a fraction of the original’s price.

Opening with citrus and apple, the fragrance quickly dries into deep florals like geranium and lavender before finally settling into a base of vanilla, amber, and woods. To my nose, the base is much deeper and lasts on the skin for a long while, which I find to be a more masculine scent.

With these deeper notes, I find this fragrance perfect for fall in winter months, day or night.  While not an Attar like the Dua fragrance, I do recommend letting this fragrance breathe a bit (about 3 weeks if possible) for the best results.

3. ALT. Stallion

ALT. Stallion
ALT. Stallion

If you wanted something with a bit more musk, Alt Stallion has you covered. Focusing much more on the vanilla and pepper in the drydown, this fragrance will feel perfect for fall months and will last for 8-12 hours at a time.

Opening with the same apple and bergamot as Layton, the fragrance dries into a bouquet of jasmine and violet before swiftly leading into a creamy vanilla mixed with pepper, cardamom, and sandalwood.

The musk from the sandalwood mixed with the spices and vanilla will last on your skin for the entire day without needing a reapply. In my opinion, in spite of being a more musk-heavy inspiration, this fragrance works perfectly for men and women just as easily.

4. Oil Perfumery Impressions of Layton

Oil Perfumery Impressions of Layton
Oil Perfumery Impressions of Layton

One of my favorite dupe houses for its on-the-go rollerball packaging, Oil Perfumery never skimps on making a wonderfully inspired fragrance. Despite being bottled for an active lifestyle, Impressions of Layton lasts just as long as the original and has the same amount of depth.

It opens with a quick burst of mandarin and apple before drying down into notes of lavender, jasmine, and geranium. The mix of guaiac wood, patchouli, and sandalwood at the base make the perfume feel very powerful and to my nose, deeply grounding.

What I really like about this fragrance is that I find that you don’t lose the softness of the florals within the base layer of wood. Both feel perfectly mixed and last on your skin all day long.

5. Al Haraman Détour Noir

Al Haraman Détour Noir
Al Haraman Détour Noir

Originally marketed for men, this fragrance still has all the components to be a perfect unisex scent despite its audience.

Incredibly long-lasting, this fragrance opens with a touch of almond with apple and vanilla before ushering in a bouquet of jasmine and heliotrope. The drydown of musk, amber, and brandy make a sweet yet masculine base that lingers alongside the almond and vanilla from the opening.

What I like most about this fragrance is that while it has a lot of masculine elements, it is not afraid to keep the sweetness throughout the structure. It is an elegant blend just as alluring as the original Layton.

Finally, I Would Like To Mention

It’s not always easy to find a scent that can be perfectly unisex while still elegantly melding to the wearer. There is a fine line that has to come from precision in the structure to balance every note perfectly. While I find that Parfum de Marly Layton does this perfectly, I also think there are many more affordable inspirations that can do the same thing without breaking your bank account.

So, if you want to feel elegant and dignified, with just the right mix of power and sensuality, here are 5 of my favorites to please during any time of day. While they aren’t the luxury label, they can still bring all the incredible qualities that can enchant any audience.

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