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Material by Amouage

amouage material
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Brand: Amouage

What Does Material Smell Like

Material by Amouage is a unisex fragrance that presents a blend of oriental, resinous, spicy, sweet, and woody accords. The scent opens with the noticeable elemi resin, accompanied by a subtle hint of patchouli. As the fragrance develops, the dominant benzoin and bourbon vanilla absolute emerge, creating a sweet and resinous heart.

The base of the perfume is rich and complex, featuring a balanced mix of frankincense resin, gaiac wood, and labdanum absolute, all equally prominent. Tonka bean absolute adds a touch of sweetness, while osmanthus absolute offers a delicate floral nuance. Finally, a trace of oud contributes to the overall woody character of the fragrance.

In summary, Material by Amouage is a well-rounded perfume that skillfully combines oriental and resinous elements with sweet, spicy, and woody notes. The result is a unique and scent that can be appreciated by both men and women.

Review of Material

Material by Amouage, released in 2021, is a unisex fragrance that demonstrates the perfect balance between elegance and intensity. With an oriental, resinous and spicy character, this perfume caters to a mature audience who appreciate a hint of sweetness, woodiness, and smokiness in their scents.

The scent profile of Material is primarily suited for women and men, with a slight preference towards women. It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a perfume that is more suitable for colder seasons, such as winter and fall. Its moderate sillage and respectable longevity make it a great option for evening events or nights out, but it can also be worn during leisure activities or daily use in a business setting.

The bottle design of Material by Amouage is highly appreciated by users for its elegance and uniqueness, further enhancing the overall experience of the perfume. However, it should be noted that the value proposition of this scent might not be the best for everyone, as it leans towards a higher price point.

In conclusion, Material by Amouage is a versatile, unisex fragrance that caters to a predominantly mature audience, with a strong preference for colder seasons and evening or night-time occasions. Its balanced scent profile and attractive bottle design make it a wonderful addition to any perfume collection, although the value for money may not be ideal for all consumers.

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