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Sunshine Woman by Amouage

Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Amouage

Key Notes of Sunshine Woman

What Does Sunshine Woman Smell Like

Sunshine Woman by Amouage is a fruity-floral scent for women that blends sweet, creamy and spicy elements. At its heart are succulent notes of blackcurrant liqueur and davana, which lend a distinctive sweetness to the mix. Light almond joins in as well, adding an airy nuttiness and warmth. The blend then rises on the wings of heady osmanthus blossoms combined with delicate jasmine and magnolia flowers, before softly settling into a base of blond tobacco enlivened with canary islands juniper, papyrus wood and patchouli earthiness. Sunshine Woman provides an exquisite olfactory journey that fills the senses with its sugary deliciousness yet remains light enough to be enjoyed all day long.

Review of Sunshine Woman

Sunshine Woman by Amouage is a radaitional yet modern fragrance that offers an unforgettable experience. With its sweet, fruity and spicy notes, it captivates the senses and opens up a unique olfactory journey. This scent is particularly suitable for women who are looking for something sophisticated yet playful. It has good longevity, sillage and presentation making it perfect for special occasions such as evenings out or leisure activities like spring walks in the park or summer picnics on the beach. Its pricing reflects its quality offering great value to users.

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