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Bentley for men Intense by Bentley

Gender: Men
Release date: 2013
Brand: Bentley

Key Notes of Bentley for men Intense

What Does Bentley for men Intense Smell Like

Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley is a powerful and bold men's fragrance. It opens with heady notes of black pepper, frankincense and African geranium that provide an intriguing blend of spicy warmth and inviting freshness. At its heart lies the luxurious combination of leather, clary sage and labdanum, bound together in a way that creates a sweet smokiness that lingers on the skin. The base notes add to this intensity as patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood combine to create an unmistakable woody aroma that rounds off this composition exquisitely.

Review of Bentley for men Intense

Bentley for men Intense is a scent that’s sure to please the modern man. Its blend of spicy, woody, leathery and sweet notes create a sensual aroma with an undercurrent of smokiness. Perfect for evening occasions or night outs, it transitions seamlessly from leisure to business events. The well-balanced composition has great longevity and sillage while still being subtle enough to be worn during any season. It’s presented in luxurious packaging which gives excellent value for money - making this fragrance ideal for those looking for something special yet affordable.

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