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Aqva Amara by Bvlgari

Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2014
Brand: Bvlgari

What Does Aqva Amara Smell Like

Aqva Amara by Bvlgari is a sophisticated, masculine fragrance that captures the freshness of a sea breeze with its aquatic and citrus notes. The topnotes of Sicilian mandarin orange and Tunisian neroli tantalize the nose with their zesty sweetness, while mineral and aquatic notes provide an invigorating lightness to the scent. As Aqva Amara settles onto the skin, subtle base notes of frankincense and Indonesian patchouli come through for a lingering woody warmth. An unexpected hint of spice further enhances its complexity. All together this creates an aroma that is truly evocative of being outdoors near a beach—a perfect choice for any man looking to capture his inner adventurer in scent form.

Review of Aqva Amara

Aqva Amara by Bvlgari is a captivating Eau de Toilette intended for men. This aquatic scent opens with fresh and citrusy notes that immediately evoke an invigorating sensation. As it evolves, Aqva Amara reveals its fruity aromas, along with subtle spicy and woody accents that deliver a pleasant balance of energy and sophistication. Perfect to wear during the summer season, this fragrance is ideal for leisure activities as well as daily use at work or while out on the town in the evening. Aqva Amara combines exciting vibrancy with timeless elegance, making it suitable for all ages.

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