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N°5 L'Eau by Chanel

N°5 L'Eau by Chanel
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Olivier Polge
Brand: Chanel

Key Notes of N°5 L'Eau

What Does N°5 L'Eau Smell Like

N°5 L'Eau by Chanel is a women's perfume that features a lovely combination of floral and citrus scents. The fragrance opens with a bright and zesty blend of lemon, mandarin orange, and orange, creating a fresh and invigorating atmosphere. The presence of aldehydes adds a subtle, clean touch to the overall aroma.

As the perfume develops, the heart of the scent reveals itself with an elegant bouquet of ylang-ylang, jasmine, and May rose. The ylang-ylang is the most prominent of the trio, offering a sweet and somewhat exotic floral tone. The jasmine and May rose, though more subtle, complement the ylang-ylang perfectly, adding a soft and romantic touch to the fragrance.

The base of N°5 L'Eau by Chanel is composed of musk, vetiver, and cedar, which bring a sense of depth and warmth. The musk is the most notable of these base notes, providing a smooth, creamy foundation for the perfume. The vetiver and cedar add a gentle woodiness, grounding the fragrance and enhancing its overall character.

In conclusion, N°5 L'Eau by Chanel is a delightful blend of citrus, floral, and mild woody elements, creating a well-rounded and appealing scent for women who enjoy fresh, clean, and elegant fragrances.

Review of N°5 L'Eau

N°5 L'Eau by Chanel, released in 2016, is an eau de toilette formulation that primarily targets women. The fragrance presents a delightful blend of floral, citrus, and fresh notes, making it highly suitable for wearing during the spring and summer seasons. Its powdery, creamy, and green undertones add depth to the composition, while subtle hints of synthetic and sweet elements round off the fragrance.

One of the most prominent aspects of N°5 L'Eau is its ability to cater to various age groups, finding favor among both younger and older women. This versatile scent is suitable for a range of occasions, including business meetings, daily wear, leisurely activities, and even sport events. Its adaptability allows it to transition seamlessly from daytime to nighttime wear, making it a reliable go-to perfume for women on the go.

In terms of performance, N°5 L'Eau offers moderate longevity and sillage, meaning the scent will not overpower those around you but will still have a noticeable presence. Although it may not be the most long-lasting fragrance on the market, its charming combination of notes and adaptability offers good overall value for those seeking a dependable, versatile, and pleasant perfume.

In conclusion, N°5 L'Eau by Chanel is a well-rounded fragrance that appeals to women across various age groups, making it a versatile choice for different occasions and seasons. Its blend of floral, citrus, and fresh notes creates a pleasing and adaptable scent that many will find enjoyable.

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