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N°5 by Chanel

Concentration: Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1921
Perfumer: Ernest Beaux
Brand: Chanel

What Does N°5 Smell Like

N°5 by Chanel is an iconic fragrance for women that encapsulates the beauty of nature with a touch of luxury. A light, sparkling top accord composed of aldehydes, bergamot, lemon and neroli opens up to reveal the sophisticated heart notes – Grasse jasmine, iris, lily-of-the-valley and May rose – creating a floral bouquet that feels airy yet velvety smooth. Finally the sweet base accords take over with its blend of vanilla and amber mixed with sandalwood and vetiver adding an intriguing spicy warmth. Together they create a captivating aroma with powdery undertones which linger on your skin.

Review of N°5

N°5 by Chanel is a timeless and luxurious perfume for women. It has an exquisite fragrance that evokes a feeling of warmth and sensuality, making it perfect for evening or night out occasions. This sophisticated scent combines floral, powdery, sweet, spicy, chypre, woody and oriental notes to create an unforgettable experience for the wearer. Its excellent presentation and long lasting longevity make it worth investing in. Whether you’re a young woman looking to upgrade your perfume collection or a more mature woman searching for something special - N°5 by Chanel will suit everyone's taste.

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