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Acqua Originale - Aberdeen Lavander by Creed

Acqua Originale - Aberdeen Lavander by Creed
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014
Brand: Creed

Key Notes of Acqua Originale - Aberdeen Lavander

What Does Acqua Originale - Aberdeen Lavander Smell Like

Acqua Originale - Aberdeen Lavander by Creed opens with a zesty punch of lemon and rosemary, both of which lend a bright and invigorating quality to the initial impression. The sharp bite of absinth is noticeable, adding an intriguing bitterness that runs counter to the citrusy sweetness. The entry of bergamot brings in a slight tanginess, creating an interesting contrast.

As the top notes start to fade, the heart of the perfume emerges. Dominated by lavender, it carries a distinctive floral scent that is soft and calming. The gentle sweetness of lily and tuberose weave through the lavender, their mild fragrance enhancing the overall floral tone. A faint hint of rose then rounds off the middle notes, adding a classic and familiar touch to the bouquet.

In the base, the perfume settles into a strong foundation of patchouli and vetiver. Their earthy and woody scents add depth and complexity to the fragrance. The subtly of leather lingers at the end, lending a touch of masculinity to this unisex perfume. It's like walking through a garden after a downpour; earthy, floral, and splendidly raw.

Review of Acqua Originale - Aberdeen Lavander

Creed's Acqua Originale - Aberdeen Lavander, released in 2014, brings to mind the image of a serene, autumnal morning in the quaint Scottish countryside. It's a unisex fragrance, though slightly more favored by men. This scent would be most appreciated by those who prefer a balance between floral and spicy notes, with a touch of woody undertones.

The fragrance opens with a refreshing hint of lemon and rosemary, a combination that's invigorating yet not overpowering. As the scent evolves, the lavender note emerges, providing that familiar comforting aroma. However, it's the subtle mix of sweet, powdery, and green notes that give this fragrance its distinct character, making it suitable for various occasions from leisurely weekends to professional settings.

Its resilience is admirable yet not overbearing. You can trust Acqua Originale - Aberdeen Lavander to carry you through the day without fading into obscurity or overwhelming your surroundings. However, it's most potent during the fall and spring, subtly adapting to the changing seasons.

Despite its versatility, this fragrance might not be everyone's cup of tea. It leans towards a mature palate, and its complexity might be overlooked by those who are new to the world of fragrances. Furthermore, its leathery and fougère base notes, although not predominant, could be challenging for some.

In conclusion, Acqua Originale - Aberdeen Lavander by Creed is a thoughtfully crafted fragrance, appealing to those who appreciate an aromatic journey. It's a perfume that respects its roots while embracing modernity, leaving you with a scent that's both comforting and intriguing.

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