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Virgin Island Water by Creed

Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2007
Brand: Creed

What Does Virgin Island Water Smell Like

Virgin Island Water by Creed is a unisex scent that offers an olfactory experience of freshness, sweetness and creaminess. At the opening of the fragrance, one can discern notes of coconut, lime and citrus fruits like mandarin orange and bergamot. As it develops, the accords become more complex with the addition of jasmine auriculatum and deeper green tones from ginger and hibiscus blended into a bed of ylang-ylang. The base reveals creamy nuances from Caribbean white rum combined with sweet sugar cane. Tonkin musk adds depth to this enveloping composition making it unforgettable yet lighthearted at the same time.

Review of Virgin Island Water

Virgin Island Water by Creed is a unisex scent that offers an array of aromas for any occasion. The top notes are fresh and citrusy with hints of sweetness, fruits and creaminess. At the heart there are gentle floral notes while aquatic undertones add depth to its composition. It's a perfect warm weather fragrance, making it ideal for outdoor events during summer or springtime days as well as leisure activities like sport or evening outings. Men and women alike will appreciate this fragrant blend which is sure to be enjoyed in any setting - whether formal business meetings or casual night outs. Overall, Virgin Island Water is a versatile yet subtle scent that adds just the right touch of energy to your daily life.

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