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Fahrenheit by Dior

Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1988
Brand: Dior

Key Notes of Fahrenheit

What Does Fahrenheit Smell Like

Fahrenheit by Dior is a daring and alluring scent for the modern gentleman. It opens with a citrusy sparkle of bergamot, mandarin orange and lemon that quickly melts into smoky floral notes of violet leaf, carnation and jasmine. The heart continues to unfold with spicy specks of nutmeg, mace and honeysuckle wrapped in lush cedarwood that give way to an earthy base of leather, sandalwood and patchouli with traces of tonka bean and vetiver. Rich yet subtle undertones add complexity to this fragrance while still managing to retain its classic masculinity. A timeless olfactory creation built on woodsy-spicy accords which will set you apart from the crowd.

Review of Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit by Dior is an iconic Eau de Toilette for men, released in 1988. Its aromatic signature and bold sophistication has made it a timeless classic that works great for any occasion. It opens with an intense leathery scent, which quickly gives way to fiery spices and woody notes before revealing a delicate blend of florals and smokiness. The exquisite oriental undertones are balanced perfectly with earthy freshness, as well as subtle animalistic accents. Perfectly suited for evenings or night outs during the colder months, Fahrenheit will make you feel confident yet comfortable all night long without breaking the bank.

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