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Ambery Vanilla by Dossier

Dossier Ambery Vanilla dupe of YSL's  Black Opium
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

What Does Ambery Vanilla Smell Like

The Dossier Ambery Vanilla perfume opens with an enticing mix of juicy pear and a hardly noticeable dash of licorice to create a delectable yet spicy aroma. This gourmand element brings to mind the comforting aroma of a warm vanilla latte, adding an immediate coziness to the perfume. The scent then transitions, introducing a floral element through the inclusion of orange blossom and jasmine. These floral notes add a touch of freshness, providing a beautiful contrast to the overall warm profile of the perfume. All of these notes are seamlessly infused with a deep, resonating vanilla scent that adds an element of sweetness and a touch of sophistication. Towards the end, the fragrance introduces the unexpected scent of black coffee. This added element injects a dark, slightly bitter aroma that perfectly complements the warmth and sweetness of the vanilla, creating a seductive and addictive scent. The coffee note continues to linger in the air, ensuring the perfume leaves a memorable impression. This perfume is a delightful concoction that combines delicious gourmand notes, refreshing floral elements, and invigorating coffee to create an intoxicating yet approachable scent.

Review of Ambery Vanilla

Dossier's Ambery Vanilla is a surprisingly impressive stand-in for YSL's iconic Black Opium perfume. Capturing the essence of the original's chic and intoxicating nature, this dupe is a steal at $29, a fraction of Black Opium's hefty $104 price tag.

Right off the bat, Ambery Vanilla presents a playful opening, contrasting the initial burst of pear with a subtle hint of licorice. Such a combination is reminiscent of Black Opium's adrenaline-rich coffee and orange blossom introduction, though arguably more nuanced. While the middle notes of both fragrances share the delightful floralcy of jasmine and orange blossom, Dossier's version leans into a deeper base with the rich warmth of vanilla and black coffee. This depth reflects Black Opium's own lingering vanilla-musk finish, yet carries a unique edge that sets it apart.

Despite the similarities in scent, where Ambery Vanilla shines is its approach to modernity. While Black Opium is a well-loved icon, Dossier's perfume feels more accessible, especially for those who may find the original slightly overpowering. It has a softer projection and feels more adaptable to everyday wear. Moreover, with a 15% concentration, it provides a lasting scent without becoming overwhelming.

In terms of packaging, Dossier does not offer the same luxurious bottle that YSL does, which may be a letdown for some. However, the simplicity of the bottle reflects the brand's focus on the perfume itself, rather than the exterior. After all, it's the scent that truly matters.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of Black Opium but are hesitant about its price, Dossier's Ambery Vanilla is a worthy alternative. It encapsulates the vibe of the original with a few pleasant twists, all while being kinder on your wallet. This vegan, cruelty-free and clean ingredient perfume is a standout choice for the modern woman.

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