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The Scent Absolute for Him by Hugo Boss

The Scent Absolute for Him by Hugo Boss
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Bruno Jovanovic
Brand: Hugo Boss

Key Notes of The Scent Absolute for Him

What Does The Scent Absolute for Him Smell Like

The Scent Absolute for Him by Hugo Boss unravels with a spirited and robust initial impression of ginger. This spicy, potent aroma imparts a warm and zesty character to the fragrance, releasing a lively and invigorating intensity. As this initial wave dissipates, the heart of the perfume emerges, bringing with it the distinct aroma of Maninka fruit. The sweet, tropical scent of the Maninka fruit takes center stage seamlessly, contributing a fruity, exotic depth, while its rich sweetness balances the initial spiciness. Its tangy, intoxicating aroma is somewhat reminiscent of a mix between passion fruit and dried apricots. Underneath these layers of ginger and Maninka fruit, the fragrance is grounded by the earthy, woody nuances of vetiver. The vetiver base note anchors the perfume, providing a robust, woody backbone that adds a dark, resinous depth to the composition. Its smoky and slightly bitter undertone rounds out the fruity and spicy impressions, achieving a harmonious blend of contrasting elements. Throughout its dry down, an undercurrent of synthetic notes can be smelled, combining to create a modern, masculine edge to the fragrance. Overall, the smell is a vivid symphony of spicy, sweet, fruity, and woody notes.

Review of The Scent Absolute for Him

The Scent Absolute for Him by Hugo Boss is a distinctive fragrance that embodies a sense of timeless elegance and sophisticated charm. Its rich and inviting aroma is aimed primarily at men who appreciate a scent that can make a statement.

Introducing a sweet and spicy blend, the fragrance has a bold yet approachable character. Its sweetness is not cloying; rather, it adds a hint of allure that is balanced out brilliantly by its spicy undertone. This creates an intriguing interplay of contrasts, offering an air of mystery that will undoubtedly turn heads.

The perfume opens up with a noticeable hit of ginger, which is vibrant and adds a zesty freshness to the overall scent profile. As the fragrance progresses, the maninka fruit's unique aroma comes to the forefront, offering a fruity touch that beautifully complements the spicy and sweet elements. The vetiver base note, while not overpowering, brings a woody finish that gives the perfume a grounded feel.

While The Scent Absolute for Him is primarily appreciated by an older demographic, it still manages to strike a chord with a younger audience, which speaks to its versatility. It is particularly well-suited for fall and winter seasons, creating a warm and inviting aura that stands out in cooler weather.

However, despite its charm, the perfume doesn't score very high on longevity and sillage. This means it might require reapplication throughout the day, which could be a point of consideration for potential users.

Overall, The Scent Absolute for Him is a remarkable choice for those who prefer a fragrance that is both adventurous and sophisticated. Just as with any perfume, its appeal will largely depend on personal preferences.

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