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The Scent Intense for Him by Hugo Boss

The Scent Intense for Him by Hugo Boss
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Brand: Hugo Boss

Key Notes of The Scent Intense for Him

What Does The Scent Intense for Him Smell Like

Hugo Boss's The Scent Intense for Him is a flavorful journey for the senses. At first whiff, a crisp edge of green cardamom slightly overshadows the subtle, warm spice of ginger. The top notes create an initial impression of gentle spiciness mingled with a fresh, herbal aroma.

As the fragrance settles, the true showstopper makes its entrance. The enticingly exotic scent of the Maninka fruit unfurls itself, introducing a succulent fruity heart to the composition. This scent, rich and evocative, is akin to both tropical and traditional fruits, adding a compellingly sweet yet earthy depth to the perfume.

The base notes of the leather and vanilla wrap up this olfactory experience on a smooth, deep note. The strong leather aroma introduces a rugged, raw element that contrasts with the initial spiciness and fruity sweetness. It’s robust and earthly, like stepping into an old-world library lined with well-worn leather-bound books. Complementing this, the ever so soft undertone of vanilla lends a comforting, creamy sweetness, rounding out the array of notes with a hint of coziness.

This perfume evokes a full, complex sensory experience where spicy meets sweet, fresh meets fruity, and earthy leather meets seductively soft vanilla.

Review of The Scent Intense for Him

The Scent Intense for Him by Hugo Boss, released in 2017, draws you in with its magnetic allure. This fragrance is seemingly crafted for the contemporary man who thrives in the cooler months, particularly during fall and winter. Its aroma is a comforting blend, predominantly sweet and woody, with noticeable undercurrents of fruity, spicy, and leathery tones. Among the highlighted notes, green cardamom, ginger, Maninka fruit, leather, and vanilla each add a distinctive layer to the overall fragrance.

This perfume is not just another run-of-the-mill scent in a stylish bottle; it is a statement piece for the man who wears it. Designed for an older audience, it is appealing to those who have a discerning taste in fragrances, and won't settle for anything less than a blend that showcases their personality. The Scent Intense for Him may not be the right choice for those seeking a light, summery fragrance.

Despite its strong scent profile, The Scent Intense for Him doesn’t overpower with its sillage. It leaves just enough trace to make its presence known without dominating the room. Its longevity is decent, but don't expect it to last an entire day. You may need a reapplication for the evening.

For the price point, The Scent Intense for Him provides a satisfactory performance, although there is room for improvement in terms of longevity. Overall, this is a decidedly masculine fragrance that combines a mix of sweetness and woodiness, making it an ideal choice for the modern man looking for a scent that is distinctive and enduring yet not overly complex.

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