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Sun by Jil Sander

Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1989
Perfumer: Pierre Bourdon
Brand: Jil Sander

What Does Sun Smell Like

Sun by Jil Sander is a feminine and alluring scent that captures the sun-kissed sweetness of summer. The fragrance opens with a bright burst of citrus fruits, tangy lemon, sweet orange blossom and refreshing bergamot. At its heart lies an exquisite bouquet of white flowers – ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, heliotrope and carnation – blended together in perfect harmony to create a delicate balance between powdery florals and creamy sweetness. This romantic blend is further enriched by sensual notes orris root, rose petals and amber at the base for long lasting warmth. The final touch comes from a soft trail of tonka bean, vanilla musk, styrax and sandalwood adding depth to this delightful perfume experience.

Review of Sun

Sun by Jil Sander, released in 1989 is an Eau de Toilette for women. This romantic and feminine scent is sure to please with its delightful combination of sweet and floral notes that evoke a feeling of summertime. The light composition will stay with you throughout the day and into evening, making it perfect for leisurely afternoons or special occasions. Those who are looking for something light, yet impactful will appreciate this perfume as it leaves behind a pleasant, powdery sillage without being too overpowering. Sun by Jil Sander offers great value at an affordable price point while still offering quality ingredients. With its universally appealing aroma that’s suitable year-round regardless of age or gender; Sun is sure to be a new favorite among many fragrance lovers.

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