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Replica - Coffee Break by Maison Margiela

maison margiela replica coffee break
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson

Key Notes of Replica - Coffee Break

What Does Replica - Coffee Break Smell Like

Replica - Coffee Break by Maison Margiela is a unisex fragrance with a dominant sweet and spicy profile, complemented by gourmand, creamy, and floral undertones. The initial scent is characterized by a pronounced coffee aroma, which immediately sets the tone for this unique olfactory experience. As the fragrance develops, the heart reveals a prominent lavender note, which adds a fresh, floral dimension to the composition, counterbalancing the intensity of the coffee. Although not immediately apparent, subtle hints of cedarwood, musk, sandalwood, and vanilla can be detected in the base, adding a gentle creaminess and warmth to the overall scent. Despite the inclusion of lemon, red apple, orange blossom absolute, and spearmint in the fragrance's note pyramid, these elements are not distinctly noticeable in the composition. In summary, Replica - Coffee Break is a blend of coffee and lavender, supported by a soft and delicate woody, musky base, resulting in an intriguing and distinctive fragrance experience.

Review of Replica - Coffee Break

Replica - Coffee Break is a unisex fragrance by Maison Margiela, launched in 2019. As the name suggests, this scent takes inspiration from a cozy coffee break, offering a blend of sweet, spicy, gourmand, creamy, and floral notes. While some users have found the fragrance to have a slightly synthetic undertone, it still holds a fairly balanced scent profile.

The longevity of Coffee Break is moderate, with the fragrance staying noticeable for an average amount of time. Similarly, the sillage is moderate as well, meaning the scent won't be overpowering or too subtle to others around you. While not considered a high-value fragrance, it still holds a reasonable balance between price and quality.

This perfume is slightly more favored by women than men, with a near-even split among the two genders. It is well-suited for both younger and older individuals, making it versatile for a variety of age groups. Coffee Break is best suited for the fall and spring seasons, although it can be worn in winter and summer as well.

Ideal for leisure and daily wear, Coffee Break can also be worn in business settings. The scent is less recommended for evening events or nights out, as it may not provide the desired intensity for those occasions. Overall, Replica - Coffee Break is a versatile fragrance that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, making it a pleasant choice for those who enjoy a cozy, coffee-inspired scent.

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