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Obelisk by MCM

Obelisk by MCM
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1985
Brand: MCM

Key Notes of Obelisk

What Does Obelisk Smell Like

Obelisk by MCM opens with a ripe and juicy aroma of peaches. The scent is warm and inviting, evoking images of a sunny orchard. This fruity sweetness is subtly cut by the sharp, herbaceous scent of galbanum. The citrusy tang of bergamot and citrus fruits further adds a lively freshness to the top notes, blending seamlessly with the green notes that evoke a sense of natural, earthy vibrancy.

As the perfume begins to settle, the floral heart notes emerge. The exotic, slightly sweet scent of ylang-ylang comes forward, complemented by the rich, intoxicating aroma of jasmine and the classic, romantic scent of roses. The herbaceous aroma of thyme is also discernible, adding a slightly unexpected hint of spice to the floral blend. The woody scent of rosewood underlines these middle notes, anchoring the floral bouquet with its rich, sweet undertones.

In the base notes, the warm, marine-like scent of ambergris is prominent. This is beautifully paired with the creamy, rich scent of vanilla, which adds an intoxicating sweetness to the blend. The woody aromas of cedarwood and sandalwood add depth and warmth, while the animalistic scent of musk infuses the composition with a sensual edge. A faint hint of moss in the finish imparts an earthy, natural undercurrent, grounding the overall fragrance.

Review of Obelisk

MCM's Obelisk, an Eau de Parfum, is a vivid scent crafted primarily for women. The fragrance draws its signature from an oriental-spicy blend, creating an aura of warmth, perfect for winter and fall seasons. The perfume greets you with a characteristic spicy note, which gracefully gives way to the subtle woody and sweet undertones. These notes are further softened by a gentle floral touch, giving it a vibrant yet not overly intense aroma. The fragrance leaves behind a resinous, fruity trail with a hint of animalistic and smoky tones, inducing an edgy yet pleasing character. It's a scent that feels most at home during evening events or casual nights out, though it won't feel out of place in leisurely or daily wear settings as well. In terms of longevity and sillage, Obelisk tends to linger, creating a lasting impression without being overwhelming. The perfume offers good value for its price, making it a worthy addition to your perfume collection.

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