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Explorer by Montblanc

Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Montblanc

What Does Explorer Smell Like

Explorer by Montblanc is a masculine fragrance that offers a refreshing olfactory experience. It opens with the invigorating combination of Italian bergamot, pink pepper and sage, awakening the senses with its citrusy and herbal notes. Then it develops into an aromatic heart of Haitian vetiver and leather for a woody yet sophisticated scent. Finally, its drydown reveals subtle nuances of Ambroxan, Akigalawood®, Indonesian patchouli and cocoa for an earthy-sweet finish. Explorer by Montblanc is an intriguing blend of freshness, fruitiness, woodiness and synthetic elements that make this fragrance unique in its character.

Review of Explorer

Explorer by Montblanc is a well-rounded scent that is suitable for men of all ages. It opens with refreshing and invigorating notes, giving it a light yet lasting freshness throughout the day. The combination of crisp citrus, sweet fruity tones, woody warmth and subtle spice create an intriguing depth to the scent and make it versatile enough for every occasion - from daily activities to business meetings or leisure evenings. The presentation reflects this versatility as well; its sturdy packaging makes Explorer perfect for taking on your next adventure. All in all, Explorer by Montblanc is a great choice if you're looking for an uplifting fragrance that can stand up to any situation you encounter.

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