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Ishraq by Orientica

Ishraq by Orientica
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Orientica

Key Notes of Ishraq

What Does Ishraq Smell Like

Ishraq by Orientica opens on the nose with a playful mingling of zesty lime and sweet kumquat, offering an initial hint of citrus that is both refreshing and slightly tangy. Quickly following this opening, the heart of the perfume transitions with a clear transition to an arrangement of iris, jasmine, violet, and a subtle hint of lily of the valley. The iris provides a powdery sophistication, the jasmine injects an intoxicating floral sweetness, while the violet and lily of the valley complement with a gentle, understated floral backdrop.

The base of the perfume becomes more complex and gourmand. Here, the robust scent of sandalwood stands out, offering a deep, creamy, and almost milky aroma. This is beautifully intertwined with the familiar comforting sweetness of vanilla, which lends a creamy, dessert-like quality to the overall scent. Cedar and musk cap off the fragrance, adding a light, woody element with a subtle animalistic undertone. The overall scent, while complex, maintains a smooth, sweet and powdery character, kissed by floral notes and grounded in creamy, warm woods. It is akin to a creamy dessert served in a fragrant, blooming garden.

Review of Ishraq

Ishraq by Orientica, released in 2018, is a fragrance that evokes a sense of serenity and comfort. Its scent profile leans towards a sweet and creamy blend, making it an inviting choice for women who prefer a more subdued yet distinguished aroma. The formulation is noteworthy for its balance between powdery floral notes and a tantalising touch of gourmand richness. With a charming hint of fruity freshness, it leaves a lingering trail that is not overbearing but pleasantly noticeable.

The fragrance performs well in terms of longevity. Ishraq will accompany you throughout the day, seamlessly transitioning from morning to evening, making it a sensible choice for everyday use. Its moderate sillage ensures a personal scent bubble, which is well-suited for leisure activities and business settings alike. It won’t dominate a room, but it will leave a subtle impression.

The fragrance unveils itself beautifully during the spring and fall seasons, when the air is neither too hot nor too cold. The scent gets an added depth during winter, surprising with its resilience. However, it might feel slightly heavy for the summer months.

The notable presence of lime and kumquat in the top notes add a burst of refreshing citrus that beautifully complements the floral heart and the warm, creamy base of vanilla and sandalwood. The base, however, could use a bit more complexity, as the cedar and musk notes are not as prominent.

In terms of value, Ishraq by Orientica offers good quality for its price. The scent is not groundbreaking, but it's a reliable, comforting fragrance that many will find appealing. The slight lack of uniqueness might be a downside for some, but its versatile nature makes it a safe choice for those seeking a new addition to their perfume collection.

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