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Portraits - The Blazing Mr Sam by Penhaligon’s

Portraits - The Blazing Mr Sam by Penhaligon's
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018

Key Notes of Portraits - The Blazing Mr Sam

What Does Portraits - The Blazing Mr Sam Smell Like

Portraits - The Blazing Mr Sam by Penhaligon's is a scent that is distinctly masculine. From the first sniff, the fragrance offers a prominent spicy kick with the cardamom and cinnamon hitting your senses straight away. These opening notes are very pronounced and provide a warm, inviting start to the fragrance. As the perfume begins to develop, the saffron delicately intermingles with the heat of black pepper and the earthy aroma of cumin, adding a depth to the scent that is pleasantly complex yet not overwhelming.

As the perfume settles, the base notes start to shine through. The creamy sweetness of vanilla is at the forefront, providing a counterbalance to the initial spiciness. The cedarwood offers a hint of woodiness, grounding the perfume with a solid foundation. Underneath it all, soft whispers of tobacco and patchouli can be detected, adding a layer of richness and a slightly exotic touch to the overall profile of the fragrance. The end result is a perfume that is rich, warm, and spicy, with a hint of underlying sweetness and earthiness.

Review of Portraits - The Blazing Mr Sam

The Blazing Mr Sam by Penhaligon's is an intriguing blend for men, with its character defined most prominently by its spicy and woody elements. Introduced in 2018, this fragrance exhibits a distinct personality that is more suited for the chill of fall and winter seasons. Its heart is a warm, resinous sweet aroma that subtly transitions into a smoky, earthy aura, creating a potent but not overpowering sillage. Its longevity is not to be underestimated, as it would linger throughout an evening event or a night out, giving the wearer a steady, memorable presence. However, it is not limited to those occasions; it can even be worn during leisure time or daily activities, even extending to a business setting. The Blazing Mr Sam may not be a universal crowd pleaser due to its bold scent and approach, but it is a commendable choice for individuals seeking a scent that is outside the mainstream offerings, a scent that boldly proclaims its presence. Its value, while not extraordinary, is reasonable for its distinct offering.

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