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Tocade by Rochas

rochas tocade eau de toilette
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1994
Perfumer: Maurice Roucel
Brand: Rochas

Key Notes of Tocade

What Does Tocade Smell Like

Tocade by Rochas is a women's perfume that presents a predominantly floral aroma, intertwined with sweet and powdery undertones. Upon initial application, the fragrance reveals its top notes, which are characterized by a subtle hint of bergamot, accompanied by delicate touches of freesia and magnolia. As the scent evolves, the middle notes emerge, showcasing a balanced blend of geranium and iris, followed by a softer presence of rose, orchid, jasmine, and lily of the valley.

In the final stage of its olfactory development, Tocade by Rochas unveils its base notes, consisting of an even trio of amber, musk, and vanilla. These three notes complement each other and provide a warm, sensual foundation to the fragrance. Cedarwood further enhances the scent with a touch of woodiness, while patchouli adds a subtle earthy undertone.

The overall composition of this perfume creates an elegant and enticing aroma, with the oriental and spicy nuances playing a supportive role in the backdrop. Meanwhile, the gourmand element adds a gentle hint of sweetness, making Tocade by Rochas a well-rounded and appealing scent for women who appreciate a multifaceted fragrance.

Review of Tocade

Tocade by Rochas, an Eau de Toilette for women released in 1994, is a versatile and timeless fragrance with an overall scent profile that leans towards floral, sweet, and powdery notes. The perfume's oriental, woody, spicy, and gourmand undertones create a rich and complex aroma that is well-appreciated by many.

This scent is particularly suitable for women looking to wear a fragrance during the fall and winter seasons, as its warm and elegant nature complements the cooler months. Tocade is best experienced during evening events, night outs, or even daily casual wear, as it carries a certain versatility that makes it fitting for various settings.

Its longevity is one of the key strengths of Tocade, ensuring that the scent lasts throughout the day or night. The sillage is also notable, as it can be detected within a comfortable range without being overwhelming.

In terms of its audience, Tocade by Rochas seems to resonate more with mature women, making it a valuable addition to their perfume collection. However, it can still be appreciated by younger women who prefer a classy and timeless scent.

Considering the overall value of Tocade, it offers excellent quality at an affordable price point, making it a wise investment for those seeking a signature scent that will stand the test of time.

In conclusion, Tocade by Rochas is a well-rounded, versatile, and classic fragrance that is particularly suitable for mature women during fall and winter seasons. With its impressive longevity and sillage, as well as the reasonable price, Tocade is a scent that delivers excellent value for those who appreciate its unique and elegant aroma.

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