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Beau de Jour by Tom Ford

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Tom Ford

Key Notes of Beau de Jour

What Does Beau de Jour Smell Like

Beau de Jour by Tom Ford is a men's fragrance with a lush and vibrant composition. The opening of lavender, laced with soft accents of Provençal herbs, creates an aromatic and herbal aroma that evokes thoughts of sun-drenched summer gardens. At the heart, subtle notes of geranium and basil give this scent an energizing character while oakmoss adds a level of earthiness to its core. Finally, patchouli is blended into the base along with warm amber to create an enveloping woody-spicy dry down that highlights all the complexity in this refined scent.

Review of Beau de Jour

Beau de Jour by Tom Ford is a luxurious and sophisticated Eau de Parfum for men that offers an irresistibly attractive scent. It balances the perfect mixture of Fougère, Green, Fresh, Spicy, Woody, Floral, Earthy and Sweet notes to bring together an unforgettable aroma. This subtle fragrance is suitable for men of all ages and makes a great choice for daily use or special occasions. Beau de Jour brings out the best in any man's natural scent making it ideal to wear during both leisure time and business meetings as well as evenings out or night events. With its long-lasting longevity this perfume provides full enjoyment throughout Spring, Summer Fall and Winter alike. Whether you are looking for something timelessly classic or modernly stylish - Beau de Jour by Tom Ford has got you covered.

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