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Soleil Brûlant by Tom Ford

tom ford soleil brulant
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Daniela Andrier
Brand: Tom Ford

What Does Soleil Brûlant Smell Like

Soleil Brûlant by Tom Ford is a unisex fragrance that offers a unique mixture of resinous, spicy, sweet, and woody accords. The perfume opens with a subtle hint of pink pepper, followed by faint traces of bergamot and mandarin orange. At its heart, the scent reveals a balanced combination of black honey and orange blossom absolute, adding a delightful sweetness to the composition.

As the fragrance evolves, the base notes take center stage, showcasing a prominent presence of resins and frankincense, which lend a smoky and exotic touch to the overall scent. Vetiver, amber, leather, and woods provide a supporting layer, contributing to the woody and creamy aspects of the perfume.

In summary, Soleil Brûlant by Tom Ford offers a well-rounded sensory experience, skillfully weaving together a rich tapestry of resinous, spicy, and sweet elements, underscored by smoky, floral, and creamy undertones. The result is a thoughtfully crafted, intriguing scent that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Review of Soleil Brûlant

Soleil Brûlant by Tom Ford, released in 2021, is a versatile unisex perfume with a well-rounded blend of resinous, spicy, sweet, woody, smoky, floral, and creamy notes. This distinctive fragrance has a moderately pleasing scent, with an above-average longevity and moderate sillage, making it noticeable yet not overpowering.

The perfume is well-suited for both men and women, with a slightly higher preference among male users. While it can be worn by younger and more mature individuals, its appeal leans more towards grown-up tastes. Soleil Brûlant is an ideal choice for the fall and spring seasons, with decent adaptability for winter and summer as well.

This Tom Ford creation shines in various settings, making it a fitting choice for evening events, leisurely activities, and nights out. Although it may not be the top pick for daily or business use, it can still work reasonably well in those situations when used sparingly.

However, it's worth noting that some users may find the value of Soleil Brûlant to be somewhat lacking, considering its price point. In conclusion, Soleil Brûlant is a multifaceted fragrance that caters to a wide range of preferences, making it a solid option for those seeking a unique and versatile perfume.

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