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Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino

Gender: Men
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Sophie Labbé
Brand: Valentino

Key Notes of Valentino Uomo Intense

What Does Valentino Uomo Intense Smell Like

Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino is a robust and masculine eau de parfum for men. A deep and mysterious opening of clary sage and mandarin orange creates an earthy aura that instantly captivates the senses. As the fragrance develops, it becomes creamier with its heart notes of delicate iris intertwined with warm tonka bean, while spicy nuances lend depth to the scent. At its base, supple vanilla brings out a sweetness that's balanced out by exotic black leather creating an intriguing contrast between lightness and darkness. All together this composition exudes a subtly sweet yet intensely dark reinvention of masculinity that lies just beneath the surface.

Review of Valentino Uomo Intense

Valentino Uomo Intense for men is a sophisticated and striking scent. It features alluring notes of sweetness, powdery softness, leathery boldness, spicy vibrancy and creamy comfort that linger on the skin. Despite its strong presence it doesn't overpower – making it suitable for both leisurely days and nights out alike. Best suited to winter days or evenings, Valentino Uomo Intense has something special to offer an audience of men and women who enjoy wearing a signature scent. Its long-lasting composition ensures you have an unforgettable experience throughout the day or night, while its appealing bottle design makes this perfume an ideal gift.

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