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The Dreamer by Versace

Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1996
Brand: Versace

Key Notes of The Dreamer

What Does The Dreamer Smell Like

The Dreamer by Versace is a captivating fragrance that opens with a stimulating blend of tarragon, artemisia and juniper. At the heart lies an alluring mix of floral iris and flax intertwined with subtle notes of lily, creating an airy yet tender atmosphere. As it dries down, sweet tobacco flower combined with earthy amber provide an inviting finish to this lively aroma. The overall experience is an elegant fusion of spicy freshness and powdery sweetness, sure to make its wearer feel confident and distinctive throughout the day.

Review of The Dreamer

The Dreamer by Versace for men is a timeless classic that captures the essence of modern sophistication. This eau de toilette has a well-balanced aroma with floral, sweet, spicy, fresh and powdery notes intertwined to craft an enticing scent. Perfectly suited for casual occasions like leisure and daily activities; this scent may also be suitable for evening events such as night outs or business engagements. Its long-lasting impression makes it ideal all-round choice during spring, summer, fall and winter months alike. The combination of quality ingredients coupled with its affordable price make it an ideal option for all men who appreciate fragrances with a classy approach.

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