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Amabile by XerJoff

Amabile by XerJoff
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Brand: XerJoff

What Does Amabile Smell Like

Amabile by XerJoff opens up with a strong tang of green apple. The initial impression is one of tartness, refreshing and crisp, like a freshly bitten apple. As the tartness subsides, a subtly sweet undertone starts to emerge, blending seamlessly with the apple to create a pleasing, fruity overture to the scent.

Barely noticeable but nevertheless present, hints of pink pepper add a mild spicy undertone to the middle notes. It creates a warm contrast to the initial fruity freshness, subtly seasoning the fragrance without overpowering the main theme.

As the perfume settles, the base notes start to make their presence felt. White musk lends a somewhat animalistic, yet clean, aroma that anchors the other scents beautifully. Green vanilla envelops the musk with a hint of sweetness, which is not overly sugary, but rather soothing and mellow, evoking the image of a dewy, green forest.

The perfume closes on a woody note with a hint of earthiness, reminiscent of a patch of moss-covered tree bark. This grounding quality enhances the perfume's overall green character and ties together the fruity, spicy and sweet elements of the scent into a captivating olfactory experience.

Review of Amabile

Released in 2020, Amabile by XerJoff is a unisex fragrance that leans more towards the female preference. The creation is a bold medley of fruity and sweet notes, complemented by an undercurrent of spicy and woody scents. The citrus and green accents add a refreshing twist, subtly balanced with synthetic elements that lend an interesting complexity to the perfume. Add a dash of creamy and floral notes, and you have a fragrance that's as multifaceted as it is appealing.

Amabile is a scent that truly comes alive in the blooming springtime, but it's versatile enough to carry you into the mellow fall. Its sweetness hints at the warmth of a summer's day, while the woody undertones evoke the coziness of winter. This is a fragrance that you can wear throughout the year, seamlessly transitioning between seasons.

In terms of occasions, Amabile is a laid-back scent, perfect for leisurely days out. However, it's not too casual that you can't wear it daily or for a night out. It might not be the first choice for a business meeting or a formal evening event, it can still hold its own in these settings.

Despite its many appealing aspects, Amabile does have its shortcomings. The scent, while pleasant, isn't particularly outstanding or memorable. It fares better in terms of longevity and sillage, lasting a good amount of time and leaving a moderate trail behind you. However, given its price point, one might expect a bit more in terms of value.

In conclusion, Amabile by XerJoff is a nice, if not particularly striking, fragrance. It's a versatile, year-round scent that could work for both men and women.

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