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Join The Club - Torino21 by XerJoff

Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Brand: XerJoff

Key Notes of Join The Club - Torino21

What Does Join The Club - Torino21 Smell Like

Join The Club - Torino21 by XerJoff is an invigorating unisex scent that starts with a bright mix of mint, basil and lemon for a fresh opening. An intriguing herbal accord of thyme emerges in the background, followed by sweet floral notes including jasmine and rosemary. The bouquet is completed with delicate lavender on top of a musky base note accompanied by subtle hints of vervain. Altogether this fragrance creates an uplifting yet stimulating experience that’s perfect for everyday occasions.

Review of Join The Club - Torino21

Join The Club - Torino21 by XerJoff is a unisex perfume with an inviting and fresh aroma. With its bright and energetic scent, it is perfect for casual occasions, such as leisure activities or daily use. It has great presentation value and the attention to detail in the packaging make it all worth it. With a harmonious blend of citrus, green notes, floral scents, spices, aquatics, and fruity elements, this perfume is suitable for a variety of ages. Furthermore this scent also works well in different seasons especially during summer days but still being enjoyable on spring time too; making Join The Club - Torino21 by XerJoff a great choice all year round.

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