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Tony Iommi Monkey Special by XerJoff

Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Brand: XerJoff

Key Notes of Tony Iommi Monkey Special

What Does Tony Iommi Monkey Special Smell Like

Tony Iommi Monkey Special by XerJoff is an unisex fragrance with a wide range of aromatic notes. It opens with a sweet and juicy mix of passion fruit, rum and Calabrian bergamot that creates an exotic freshness. This then develops into deeper spicy tones from the combination of leather, Singapore patchouli and cinnamon. Finally, it settles onto skin with the comforting woody base made up of Australian sandalwood, caramel, tonka bean, ambergris and musk - all subtly blended together to create a rich warmth that lingers on for hours.

Review of Tony Iommi Monkey Special

Tony Iommi Monkey Special by XerJoff is an exquisite unisex fragrance. It has an inviting, sweet and spicy mix of accords that are layered with leathery, fruity and woody notes to create a complex blend. The scent lingers on the skin for a long time, making it perfect for nights out or evening occasions. As expected from XerJoff's signature presentation style, the bottle is luxurious and makes this perfume all the more special. Although slightly pricey compared to other fragrances in its category, Tony Iommi Monkey Special is worth every penny due to its unique composition and high staying power. This scent will appeal to both men and women alike; however it leans towards being more suitable for mature audiences during Fall or Winter seasons when you want something that stands out without being too loud.

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