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Y by Yves Saint Laurent

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018

What Does Y Smell Like

Y by Yves Saint Laurent is a powerful and alluring scent that delicately balances freshness with warmth. At the top, it opens with an invigorating blend of juicy apples accompanied by spicy ginger and a hint of sparkling bergamot. The heart brings forward a delicate combination of aromatic sage and juniper berries, which is rounded out elegantly by floral geranium absolute notes. Finally, the dry down lingers on skin with woody amberwood tones combined with smoky frankincense and creamy tonka bean nuances for a sophisticated finish.

Review of Y

Y by Yves Saint Laurent is a unique Eau de Parfum for men released in 2018. This perfume provides an enigmatic and sophisticated scent that can be suitable for many different occasions. Its sweet, fresh, and fruity notes provide a pleasant aroma that will leave you feeling composed and confident. It's ideal for the young man looking to make his mark on the world with its warm yet subtle fragrance. The longevity of this perfume ensures it'll last through your daily activities from leisurely moments to business meetings or night outs while still reflecting your personality at all times. The presentation of this product is also worth mentioning; its modern look fits perfectly into any wardrobe or bathroom cabinet making it a great choice as both a practical accessory and an elegant addition to our outfits. All in all, Y by Yves Saint Laurent is an excellent option if you're searching for something special yet timeless that stands out above the rest.

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