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Signature by Zaharoff

Signature by Zaharoff
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Perfumer: Claude Dir, Mane
Brand: Zaharoff

What Does Signature Smell Like

Signature by Zaharoff opens with a noticeable scent of ripe pear, which is immediately followed by a soothing undertone of French lavender. The top notes carry a subtle hint of exotic Zanzibar black pepper, providing an intriguing spicy edge. This scent doesn’t have any discernible scent of Guatemala cardamom. Proceeding into the heart of the fragrance, the robust, smoky aroma of Indonesian oud takes the stage, while the earthy scent of Florentine iris subtly supports it. Amid these, there are no detectable notes of Canadian fir balsam, Kahili ginger, Pimento leaf, or Virginia cedar. As the fragrance settles, the warm tones of Australian sandalwood and Chinese myrrh come to the forefront, offering a comforting foundation. Alongside these, there's an underlying scent of black amber that adds a touch of sweetness, and the resinous essence of Ethiopian frankincense contributes an antique charm. Finally, the earthy fragrance of Indonesian patchouli rounds out the base notes, adding depth to the overall scent.

Review of Signature

Signature by Zaharoff, released in 2018, is an aromatic blend that seems to have been carefully crafted for the refined man. This perfume stands out due to its woody and spicy characteristics, which have been subtly balanced with fresh and sweet undertones, making an interesting olfactory experience.

Upon the first encounter, you might find a gentle sweetness from the pear, complemented by a soothing whiff of French lavender. This initial impression gradually merges into a richer heart, where the prominent Indonesian oud plays its part, harmonized with Florentine iris, adding an extra layer of complexity to the scent. As the perfume settles, you're taken on a journey through a forest of Australian sandalwood and Chinese myrrh, giving a warm and inviting base.

Despite its sophisticated character, Signature by Zaharoff doesn’t come off as overwhelming. It is rather a versatile scent, suitable for various occasions, be it a business meeting or a night out. The longevity and sillage are respectable, ensuring that the wearers leave a notable scent trail wherever they move.

While this fragrance is primarily geared towards men, it does have a universal appeal that might be appreciated by a smaller audience of women. However, it seems a bit mature for younger individuals, leaning towards a more grown-up and confident crowd. It is most suitable for cooler weather like fall or winter seasons, though it can be worn in spring as well.

The only minor downside might be its less distinctive character during the hot summer months. But overall, Signature by Zaharoff is a well-rounded, quality fragrance that grows on you, making an excellent addition to any perfume collection.

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