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Nude Bouquet Summer by Zara

Nude Bouquet Summer by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Nude Bouquet Summer

What Does Nude Bouquet Summer Smell Like

The scent of Nude Bouquet Summer by Zara is a refreshing and vibrant blend of fresh and floral fragrances. You will notice a lively burst of bergamot that gives the perfume its fresh character, instantly uplifting your senses. The heart of the perfume unfolds into a beautiful floral ensemble dominated by the unmistakable aroma of jasmine. This note, often associated with warmth and exoticism, adds an alluring, feminine touch to the perfume. As the scent progresses, you'll discover the rich, woody undertones of sandalwood softening the floral intensity. This infuses the perfume with a subtle depth and complexity. On the whole, we find that the blend of these elements creates a scent that is as a summer breeze and as delicate as a bouquet of fresh blooms. However, the noticeable absence of stronger, earthier base notes makes the scent profile lean heavily on the fresh and floral aspect only. This may not appeal to those who prefer a more balanced or varied olfactory experience.

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