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Oriental Delice by Zara

Oriental Delice by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Oriental Delice

What Does Oriental Delice Smell Like

The scent of Oriental Delice by Zara is a blend of gourmand, floral, and sweet accords. The initial whiff is dominated by the tantalizing smells of jasmine, which is then beautifully complemented by the rich, warm notes of coffee. As you sniff deeper, you will notice an unexpected sweetness, reminiscent of white chocolate. This sweet note adds a creamy dimension to the perfume, enhancing its overall gourmand characteristic. However, there's also an undeniable presence of a powdery element in the blend, adding a complexity to the fragrance. Underneath it all, a hint of spice brings a depth and an additional layer of interest. This perfume impresses us with its symphony of scents and its surprisingly synthetic twists, which creates a unique, multi-faceted aroma. While it is undoubtedly a complex perfume, we think it maintains a straightforward and clear olfactory narrative.

Review of Oriental Delice

Zara's Oriental Delice, developed primarily for women, leans heavily towards the sweet, gourmand, and floral scent types. We believe you will find it most fitting for fall and winter seasons due to its rich, warm notes. Its dominant notes of jasmine, coffee, and white chocolate lend a decadently sweet and creamy aroma, making it an indulgent treat for the senses. However, we observed that its longevity and sillage could have been better, leaving a desire for a more enduring and pervasive aroma.

This perfume seems ideal for various occasions, whether you're headed to work, a night out, or just enjoying a leisurely afternoon. Its universal appeal makes it a suitable choice for daily wear. Although it has a slight synthetic undertone, the perfume's overall profile remains largely enjoyable.

In terms of value, we consider it a fair middle-ground option. Overall, Zara's Oriental Delice is a pick for those who appreciate sweet and floral scents with a creamy undertone.

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