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Perpetual Oud by Zara

Perpetual Oud by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Perpetual Oud

What Does Perpetual Oud Smell Like

The smell of Perpetual Oud by Zara is primarily floral, and you will notice a strong presence of red rose upon the first whiff. This is quickly followed by a myriad of oriental, woody, and spicy notes, adding complexity to the overall fragrance. There's an undeniable undertone of saffron and pepper, which adds a subtle spice and complements the dominating floral scent profile. The aroma then transitions into a sweeter sensation, perhaps owing to the presence of pear. The secondary accords comprising leather, musk, and vetiver introduce a blend of earthiness and creaminess. Amid all these distinct notes, you might detect a hint of freshness, more like a surprise element that beautifully contrasts the otherwise serious, full-bodied perfume. As the scent matures, you'll notice amberwood and patchouli lending a woody, rustic charm to the mix - a signature of oriental fragrances. The leathery note is surprisingly tame and fits well in the overall composition of Perpetual Oud.

Review of Perpetual Oud

Perpetual Oud by Zara is unmistakably crafted for women but manages to capture interest across genders. This scent leans toward the mature audience, making it suitable for someone who favors a perfume with depth and a bit of mystery.

The combination of floral, spicy, oriental, and woody notes forms a complex scent profile. Predominant notes like amberwood, leather, and musk, contribute to the perfume's character, giving it a bold, distinct character that isn't overwhelming. The underlying sweet, fruity, and fresh hints add a subtle complexity without tipping the overall balance.

This perfume is a perfect companion for winter and fall, ringing true to its oriental woody essence. It stands out during night outs and evening gatherings, making it a suitable choice for individuals who prefer a scent that leaves a lasting impression.

However, despite its strong character, we found that it doesn't linger all day. You may need to reapply to maintain the scent's presence. Nevertheless, considering its reasonable price point, Perpetual Oud provides good value and is a worthy addition to your perfume collection.

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