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Scent#4 by Zara

Scent#4 by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Scent#4

What Does Scent#4 Smell Like

The scent of Scent#4 by Zara introduces the wearer to a predominantly synthetic blend, which guides the fragrance's overarching profile. It doesn't take long to notice an underlying earthiness, which offers a grounded feel to the overall experience. Not too far behind, you'll find a woody accent that breathes life into the synthetic and earthy interplay. The composition of Scent#4 is unique for its inclusion of a fougère accord, which adds an unexpected layer of complexity.

As you delve deeper into the perfume, your senses will be greeted by a clear presence of lemon and patchouli notes. The former provides a hint of citrus freshness, while the latter further strengthens the earthiness of the synthetic and woody base. The note of vetiver, albeit subtle, notably punctuates the fragrance. The composition of Scent#4 by Zara might not be for everyone, particularly those who favor a more natural fragrance profile. However, its blend of synthetic, earthy, and woody tones offers a unique experience for perfume enthusiasts who are eager to explore beyond conventional scents.

Review of Scent#4

Based on our findings, Scent#4 by Zara, released in 2018, is a men's fragrance with a predominantly synthetic, woody, and fresh attributes. It's deemed suitable for the cooler seasons of spring and fall, though its fresh hints lend it some versatility for summer wear too. You may find this perfume to be a good fit for daily use or during business hours, with a moderate trail that won't overpower colleagues or clients. Though less ideal for sports or leisure activities, it can hold up decently due to its reasonable longevity.

The scent profile leans towards earthy and citrusy aroma, with vetiver and lemon notes standing out.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a synthetic, woody, and fresh perfume with moderate sillage, Zara's Scent#4 might be worth a try. But be aware, its scent may not be a hit with everyone.

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