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Thunder Feel by Zara

Thunder Feel by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Thunder Feel

What Does Thunder Feel Smell Like

The scent of Thunder Feel by Zara wastes no time in introducing itself, greeting you with a bold and spicy opening. Flashes of cardamom are immediately noticeable, adding a heat that sets the tone for the perfume. However, this spiciness is skilfully tempered by the soft, woody undertones of cedar, which relaxes the intensity of the cardamom and invites the earthy elements to come forth. As we delved deeper into the aromatic profile, we couldn't help but notice the grounding presence of Coranol, which adds a gritty, earthy quality to the composition. This earthiness is entwined with subtle, green undertones, creating a somewhat powdery aura that surrounds the more robust elements. This blend is then tamed by a sweet creaminess, which softens the overall impact and introduces an unsuspected warmth. As the scent evolves further, floral notes begin to shine through, adding a sophisticated touch to this robust, manly perfume. Despite its complexity, Thunder Feel maintains an unpretentious character, proving to be a surprising fragrance.

Review of Thunder Feel

Zara's Thunder Feel, launched in 2018, is a clear choice for men who gravitate towards warm, spicy undertones with a hint of earthiness. You will first notice a strong presence of spice and wood in the scent profile, trailed by an earthy depth. The sweetness, powderiness, and creaminess do not dominate but subtly balance the bold initial notes.

Ideal for cooler seasons like winter and fall, it can effortlessly transition from your daily routine to leisure and business events with a slight edge for evening wear. It's a scent that confidently accompanies you through your day and subtly lingers into your night.

However, you might find a less than ideal longevity and sillage, which implies the need for occasional reapplication throughout the day. Despite this, Thunder Feel is a value offering from Zara, appealing particularly to those who appreciate a robust, grounding, yet subtly complex scent. With a hint of green and floral undertones, it's a nod to the traditional with a modern twist.

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