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Vetiver by Zara

Vetiver by Zara
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Vetiver

What Does Vetiver Smell Like

The scent of Vetiver by Zara is a balanced blend of woody and fruity influences, with a crisp freshness that pervades the entire composition. Upon first encounter, you are treated to a distinct earthy vetiver aroma underlaid by the sweet touch of apple. The addition of cashmeran adds a creamy, resinous undertone to the overall fragrance. Notably, this perfume integrates a fougère accord, imparting a green, herbaceous aspect to the perfume’s profile. As the scent evolves on your skin, a subtle gourmand note surfaces, lending a hint of rich indulgence to the scent. Despite its variety of notes, Vetiver by Zara maintains a harmonious equilibrium, the various scents each given space to breathe and contribute to the overall aromatic experience.

Review of Vetiver

Vetiver by Zara, a unisex offering launched in 2018, presents a mix of woody, fruity, and fresh scent profiles, underscored by subtle fougère and earthy undertones. Equally appealing to both men and women, this fragrance leans toward a younger demographic but can certainly be appreciated by the mature audience. Vetiver's scent projects moderately and has an average longevity, making it suitable for many occasions.

The fragrance gives a nod to spring and summer seasons, highlighting its fresh and fruity elements. Daily activities or business settings are fitting environments to wear Vetiver, yet it retains versatility for leisure or sport occasions. Evening events, however, may require a more potent fragrance.

Dominant notes of apple, Cashmeran, and Vetiver translate into a slightly sweet but predominantly fresh and woody scent, with a hint of earthiness. Vetiver by Zara provides decent value and is a reliable option for those seeking a versatile, everyday fragrance that is neither overpowering nor too light. Its limitations are in its projection and longevity, suggesting it may require reapplication throughout the day. This fragrance, overall, offers a respectable option within the unisex market.

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