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Hip Hop Red Apple by Zara

Hip Hop Red Apple by Zara
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Hip Hop Red Apple

What Does Hip Hop Red Apple Smell Like

The scent of Hip Hop Red Apple by Zara greets you with a lively freshness, immediately noticeable in its opening. This freshness rapidly intertwines with the fruity quality, a blend of forest fruits and a trio of apples - green, red, and yellow. These apple notes provide an exciting diversity, each fruit contributing a different layer of sweetness, tang, and crisp bite. The fruity sweetness is further underscored by a subtle sugary tone, but this is far from cloying or heavy. The citrus element subtly lends a zesty edge, cutting through the sweetness. Threaded through the scent is a green note, a hint of earthy rawness that grounds the fragrance without overshadowing the primary accords. We find synthetic aspects also present, obviously crafted to enhance the other notes and accords. A touch of gourmand and creamy notes surface in the dry-down, adding a smooth, almost velvety finish. Yet, throughout the scent remains light, playful and refreshingly uncomplicated.

Review of Hip Hop Red Apple

Hip Hop Red Apple by Zara, launched in 2020, is a unisex concoction. This perfume has a predominantly youthful appeal with a slight tilt towards women, but it also caters to a broad range of ages. It touts a fresh, fruity, and slightly sweet scent profile, with significant undercurrents of crisp and tart apple aroma. Primarily a warm weather fragrance, it works best in the radiant summer and lively spring seasons. The perfume has moderate sillage, meaning it is noticeable but not overbearing to those around you. One setback we observed is its longevity, which could be improved. This makes it perfect for short activities like leisure outings, sports events, or day-to-day work. However, for long-lasting scent needs, you might need to reapply. In terms of value, you will find it to be a reasonable choice within Zara's perfume line. This perfume is a good fit for those who enjoy fresh, fruity scents with a streak of sweetness.

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