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Femme by Zara

Femme by Zara
Concentration: Body Mist
Gender: Women
Brand: Zara

What Does Femme Smell Like

The scent of Femme by Zara opens with a noticeable presence of bergamot, which offers a citrusy punch. This is accentuated by the exotic, lightly sweet notes of frangipani, a flower native to tropical areas, lending a twist to the opening. Coupled with the bergamot and frangipani is the soft, floral scent of peony, which adds a touch of femininity.

As the initial burst of bergamot, frangipani, and peony begins to mellow, we detect the emergence of the middle notes. Here we are met with the comforting aroma of heliotrope, a flower renowned for its almond-like scent. This note is paired with the exotic, rich aroma of orchid. Tonka bean and vanilla follow suit, contributing a warm, slightly bittersweet, and comforting scent that compliments the floral middle notes.

The base of Femme by Zara is characterized by the clean, slightly animalistic scent of white musk. This note, along with the subtle woody notes, adds depth, longevity, and a hint of earthy sophistication to the composition. From initial spritz to final dry-down, Femme by Zara paints a picture of a modern, confident, and chic woman who isn't afraid to express her individuality through her choice of fragrance.

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