Perfumes Similar To Ariana Grande Cloud

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Do you love the smell of Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume? Then I’m so excited to share with you my favorite dupes. They are all very similar to the Ariana Grande Cloud perfume. And I hope this helps you find your new signature scent because nothing is better than smelling like a celebrity.

Ariana Grande’s fragrances are a hit with fans, especially Cloud. She released this fragrance in 2018, and it remains one of her bestsellers to date. With fragrant notes of sweet pear, bergamot, and amber, Cloud is an uplifting fragrance perfect for any time of the year when you’re looking for an option that’s light and airy. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Cloud, look no further, I’ve created a list of dupes and alternatives that you can consider purchasing. Let’s take a closer look at Ariana Grande Cloud and see how it compares.

What Ariana Grande Cloud Is All About

Making its debut in 2018, Cloud by Ariana Grande has remained one of the most popular, top-selling perfumes over the last several years. Featuring hints of toasted marshmallow at its base with notes of sweet vanilla and sugary candy, it’s easy for me to see why Cloud has remained at the top of the charts for fragrance lovers of all ages. Cloud is a soft, subtle fragrance that tends to hug the skin and dries down beautifully.

Created by famed perfumer Clement Gavarry, Cloud is the sixth fragrance in Ariana Grande’s perfume line. Cloud is a sweet, light fragrance that’s perfect to wear during spring picnics at the park and warm, summer vacations. Cloud features great longevity, considering the fact that it’s a very crisp, intimate scent. This perfume doesn’t overpower your nose nor completely fade away, which is a quite rare balance for a fragrance to successfully hit. Cloud tends to sell out quite frequently, especially around the holiday season. 

Fortunately, I have found several other perfumes which have a very similar light, warm fragrance blend just like Cloud does. Let’s dive right in!

Watch this video to discover similar perfumes to Ariana Grande Cloud:

10 Perfume Dupes Similar to Ariana Grande Cloud

1. Mimosa Cloud Eau de Toilette by Zara

Mimosa Cloud Eau de Toilette by Zara


With hints of powder and an ambroxan base, Mimosa Cloud Eau de Toilette by Zara is a considerably close clone of Cloud without the warm, tropical hints of coconut. 

There are definite notes of mimosa and a nutty pistachio scent that lingers after dry down. 

The synthetic ambroxan base tends to fade slightly after a few hours and settles in the background much like the musky notes in Cloud do. 

It’s soft and sweet, though the sweetness is not as candied as the notes in Cloud are. 

Overall, Mimosa Cloud is an excellent clone of Cloud by Ariana Grande but with a slightly less tropical feel. Longevity and sillage are moderate, much like Cloud. However, I’ve found Mimosa Cloud to be a little longer lasting than Cloud does.

2. Cosmic Agent Provocateur

Cosmic Agent Provocateur


Often compared to both Ariana Grande’s Cloud and Baccarat Rouge 540, Cosmic Agent Provocateur is heavily reminiscent of both, but smells a bit more like Cloud to me. 

Opening up on strong, with fruity notes, Cosmic Agent Provocateur reveals its amber and saffron base quickly before settling into a fresh, green scent during dry down. 

I detect a note of rhubarb, which is not present in Cloud, but the top notes of pear give Cosmic Agent Provocateur the qualities needed to be a convincing dupe. 

I love the relatively low price point of Cosmic Agent Provocateur and its bright, youthful packaging.

You’ll definitely notice many similarities between Cloud and Cosmic Agent Provocateur. This is why I included it on the list as a great alternative when you can’t get your hands on a bottle of Cloud.

3. Red Temptation for Her

Red Temptation for Her


Try out Red Temptation if you’re looking for a perfume clone of Cloud but with more earthiness. 

Featuring top notes of amber and moss, Red Temptation is similar to Cloud in projecting sweetness as it dries with a hint of citrus. 

Red Temptation takes a while to settle into its actual accords, as it smells like alcohol for the first few minutes before opening up into a soft earthiness. 

While Red Temptation features an amber heart just like Cloud does, there’s less projection, especially as it fades over time. 

If you like the sweet notes of Cloud and enjoy fragrances with a warm amber heart, give Red Temptation for Her a try.

4. Pure Sugar by Cosmopolitan

Pure Sugar Cosmopolitan


Pure Sugar by Cosmopolitan is next on my list of alternative fragrances and dupes of Cloud. 

Pure Sugar by Cosmopolitan is a little sweeter and more intense than Cloud and features juicy fruit and jasmine notes. 

Featuring a bottle shaped like a juice box, Pure Sugar may be too sweet for some people. However, it’s a very minimally projected sweetness and not overwhelming for most. You can detect a slight saltiness with Pure Sugar just like you can in Cloud, and there are hints of plum as well. 

I found that the fragrance doesn’t last very long with Pure Sugar, and you may need to reapply it several times a day. Overall, Pure Sugar’s price point is acceptable, and it’s a great alternative to Cloud if you’re looking for something featuring slightly sweeter notes.

5. Interplay Extrait by Alexandria Fragrances

Interplay Extrait by Alexandria Fragrances


When you’re looking for a more polished dupe of Cloud, check out Interplay Extrait by Alexandria Fragrances. Interplay Extrait features a hint of sweetness enveloped by notes of almond, amber, and spice. 

I find that the polished sweetness of almond give Interplay Extrait more of a mature feel than Cloud, whereas Cloud is more playful and youthful. 

Like Cloud, I noticed slight hints of white florals and fruitiness that appear after it sits on the skin for a while. These notes are pleasant and quite subtle. 

The woody base notes make Interplay Extrait a perfect unisex fragrance that is not too feminine nor too masculine. Cloud is more of a soft feminine scent. However, compared, I find Interplay Extrait a more elegant clone of Cloud with an almost masculine and animalistic base.

6. Midnight Bloom by Victoria’s Secret

Midnight Bloom Victorias Secret


If you’re looking for a somewhat lighter fragrance option to Cloud, you should try Midnight Bloom by Victoria’s Secret. With notes of creamy vanilla and fragrant white flowers, Midnight Bloom definitely smells very similar to Cloud. But the scent does not last nearly as long. I find the sillage to be quite light, and the top notes last for a few hours before settling into a faint floral base.

Midnight Bloom does not feature an overly complex formulation and could be a great layering fragrance if you’d like to pair it with additional scents. Midnight Bloom is slightly more floral than Cloud. Yet, you will notice subtle hints of fruity sweet bottom notes after a few hours. 

Overall, Midnight Bloom is a decent clone of Cloud and could be considered an affordable gift option for Ariana Grande’s perfume fans.

7. Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian


This popular luxury fragrance is known for its high-quality formulation and expensive price tag to go along with it. Baccarat Rouge 540 features top notes of amber and wood, giving it a sweet, warm balance that is very similar to how these notes in Cloud are layered. While Cloud is more sweet and tropical, Baccarat Rouge 540 is a smokier and somewhat darker fragrance.

Baccarat Rouge 540 could be considered an older, more mature clone of Cloud due to its complex layered notes as they reveal themselves. Go for Baccarat Rouge 540 if you’re looking for a perfume that features layered top notes that are similar in sweetness and vibrancy like Cloud. 

It would be fair to say that the price point of Baccarat Rouge 540 makes this perfume somewhat out of reach for most people.

8. Greenwich Village by Bond No 9

Greenwich Village Bond No 9


Check out Greenwich Village Bond No 9 if you’re looking for a Cloud dupe that opens with a more fresh scent before developing into a sweet musky base.

While this perfume is not as creamy or lactonic as Ariana Grande’s Cloud, it features pleasant juicy and fruity bottom notes like Cloud does as it dries down. 

I particularly love the packaging of Greenwich Village Bond No 9 as it is shaped like a blue patent leather star. 

The sillage with Greenwich Village No 9 is decent and the scent lingers for hours throughout the day. This fragrance is great as a daytime option and for warm summer evenings out on the town. It’s a wearable formulation regardless of the time of day or activity, and I find it mixes well with my individual body chemistry. 

All in all, I like to think of this fragrance as a younger, hipper dupe of Cloud just without the notes of coconut and toasted marshmallow.

9. Hedonist Iris Absolute by Viktoria Minya

Hedonist Iris Absolute by Viktoria Minya


For a complex, masculine take on Cloud by Ariana Grande, check out Hedonist Iris Absolute by Viktoria Minya. This fragrance warms up with notes of powder and leather before moving through fragrant iris middle notes and settling into light hints of musk and amber. 

While I didn’t notice many similarities between Cloud and Hedonist Iris Absolute on initially spray, the similarities reveal themselves throughout the dry down process. 

There are prominent hints of cacao in this fragrance, which gives it a similar warmth as Cloud’s toasted marshmallow notes. 

This perfume features a decadent formulation that’s perfect for date nights and elegant evenings out on the town.

10. Dream Moon by Pacifica

Dream Moon by Pacifica 1

A somewhat more toned-down version of Cloud can be found in Dream Moon by Pacifica. 

Pacifica is known for its cruelty-free, vegan stance and long-lasting fragrances. 

Dream Moon’s woody top notes mimic the warmth of Cloud’s base notes of warm musk. I love Dream Moon because it’s not nearly as sweet as Cloud, which makes this a great alternative fragrance for those who enjoy Cloud but are looking for something a little less creamy.

While hints of rose and sandalwood come through during the dry down process, they compliment the warm woody notes that felt to linger nicely throughout the day. 

Overall, I’d have to say that Dream Moon is an excellent fragrance for daytime wear as well as evenings. Dream Moon comes across to me as a slightly more mature clone of Cloud, but without the candy-sweet top notes.

Conclusion to Choosing A Fragrance Similar to Ariana Grande Cloud

When creating this list, I discovered that perfumes which prominently feature warm notes of amber and musk with hints of sugared candy and toasted marshmallows are very similar in scent profile to Ariana Grande’s Cloud. 

When you’re looking for a great alternative fragrance to Cloud, be sure to focus more on options that are lighter and uncomplicated. Usually, simple scents with limited notes tend to smell more similar to Cloud than heavy, complex formulations.

Cloud is a relatively simple yet pleasant fragrance that’s ideal when looking for a light, clean perfume that’s versatile and understated. 

Cloud was created to be soft and “airy” in nature, which gives it an ethereal feel. Cloud is a more youthful fragrance, so be sure to check out perfumes that are similarly sweet with a creamy, warm base. 

I don’t find it particularly necessary to buy a luxury fragrance when searching for a clone of Cloud, as there are decent alternatives at less expensive price points.

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