10 Dupes Similar To Replica Beach Walk

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I’ve long enjoyed the gently sweet scent of Beach Walk by Maison Martin Margiela. The Belgian fashion guru has a wide range of stunning perfumes that really do knock you for six in terms of longevity and intensity.

I’ll admit that Beach Walk is one of the more delicate from the collection but it’s one I love, especially in summer.

Compared to other niche perfumes, you aren’t paying quite as much for Replica Beach Walk. But if you’ve tired of the scent and want to stay with the same theme, then a close dupe might be what you’re looking for. In this article, I have compiled a list of some of the best clones of Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica Beach Walk.

What Similarities Are We Looking For In Beach Walk?

Beach Walk is one of the Replica collection fragrances from Maison Martin Margiela. It’s marketed as a floral fruity gourmand scent and reminds me of, unsurprisingly, a walk on the beach on a balmy summer’s evening.

The scent was designed as such and has beautiful blasts of sweet and tropical notes that blend incredibly well together. At the head, there’s lemon, bergamot, and pink pepper, while the heart shows us coconut milk, heliotrope, and ylang ylang. As Beach Walk dries down, we are treated to musk, benzoin, and cedar so it’s warm and sweet at the end.

Now, one thing that usually stands out to me when I review dupes is the clear difference in price. For a ‘high-end’ fragrance, you aren’t having to part with a significant sum of money to get your hands on the original Beach Walk perfume. In fact, it’s currently retailing for just a touch over $50 on the official MMM website. I’ve looked at clones of other perfumes that cost this much for the rip-off version.

So, if it’s such great value for money, why would one need to find a dupe? Well, for me, wearing the same perfume can become a little boring. But I personally like to stay within the same area so it’s nice to find clones or dupes that are similar to Beach Walk without smelling exactly the same.

What’s more, Beach Walk has quite a mild projection as it’s designed to be a delicate summer scent. But if you want something a little more intense, some of the dupes on this list might be more up your street.

I should also make sure to point out that there’s also nothing wrong with looking for an even more affordable version of the original. You’d be crazy not to get the same scent for less in these tough economic times. Lets dive right in some Beach Walk smell-alikes.

10 Dupes Of MMM Replica Beach Walk

1. Dossier Aquatic Coconut

Dossier Aquatic Coconut
Dossier Aquatic Coconut

I have to start with the Dossier dupe of Replica Beach Walk. Have you seen the hype about this clone? All over the internet people are raving about how perfect it is so of course, I had to check it out for myself.

Dossier has produced a fragrance that’s almost impossible to tell apart from the target scent. The only significant difference is that Dossier had added tonka bean to the base of Aquatic Coconut but in my opinion, this isn’t a huge deal.

I love how well this one lasts with just a small application. Plus, it’s a little more intense than MMM’s version which is great if you want to get noticed.

2. Oil Perfumery Inspired By Beach Walk

Oil Perfumery Inspired By Beach Walk
Oil Perfumery Inspired By Beach Walk

As the name suggests, the Oil Perfumery creates compact oil perfumes that come with a rollerball applicator. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of this application method, but that shouldn’t, and doesn’t color my view of what a great clone this is.

The notes in Inspired by Beach Walk are exactly the same as the original so there’s really no way you’d tell the scent apart unless you were Martin Margiela himself. And I suspect he would probably have a hard time.

In terms of performance, this oil-based perfume is slightly heavier than the original but doesn’t last as long on the skin. But that isn’t the end of the world when you think about how affordable it is.

3. ALT Beach Side

ALT Beach Side
ALT Beach Side

ALT dupes are usually impressive so I was excited to try Beach Side. I love how close the name is so you know exactly what you’re buying. Plus, the smell is pretty spot on so it is hard to distinguish the difference once you’ve sprayed it.

Beach Side by ALT Fragrance is also one of the longest lasting dupes I could find. It projects well throughout the entire day and doesn’t fade. I also noticed how well it adapts as you wear it, almost changing personality from morning to night.

4. KDJ Inspired By Beach Walk

KDJ Inspired By Beach Walk
KDJ Inspired By Beach Walk

Ok, first things first…intensity! What struck me about KDJ Inspired by Beach Walk is how strong it is and that’s because of the high oil content. The more perfume oil,  the stronger the fragrance will be. If you’re looking for something that’s very similar to the original but vastly stronger, you’ve found it!

The fragrance notes are about as good as you’re going to get for a cheaper copy with an almost identical line up. And when I say cheap, I mean cheap. Where the original 30ml bottle is around $55, the KDJ version is a mere snip at $25; that’s less than half the price. You can’t beat a bargain, especially when the scent sticks around all day!

5. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc
Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

I recently created a rundown of Soleil Blanc dupes but if you want something that’s not a clone and yet remains within the same category as Beach Walk, Soleil Blanc is perfect. Let me start by saying this is not a cheap perfume, there’s no getting away from that.

But it does have a beautiful delicate fragrance that lingers through the day and gives that same summery vibe as Beach Walk. There are notes of bergamot, pink pepper, ylang ylang, benzoin, and coconut but these are combined with jasmine, tuberose, and amber.

There is an apparent similarity without being spot on and I feel that Soleil Blanc is a little classier and more mature. For special occasions, this is one of the best dupes of Replica Beach Walk.

6. Alien Goddess Thierry Mugler

Alien Goddess Thierry Mugler
Alien Goddess Thierry Mugler

Alien Goddess is similar to a lot of summer perfumes, largely because it’s one of those generic fragrances. It has everything you’d expect from a summer number but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stand out by its own merit.

Alien Goddess is much more straightforward than Beach Walk so if you want something that’s not as complex, then I would recommend this. It has similar notes in the form of heliotrope, bergamot, and coconut but these are now coupled with jasmine and vanilla. Just like Soleil Blanc, I feel that this makes the fragrance a little more mature.

There’s a definite sweetness to Alien Goddess and I love how this one projects a little more intensely. It lasts about the same but you may find that you have to pay a little more for this one.

7. Coastal Walks Norfolk Natural Living

Coastal Walks Norfolk Natural Living
Coastal Walks Norfolk Natural Living

I was surprised to find this Beach Walk inspired perfume that doesn’t actually claim to be a dupe of anything. Coastal Walks has its own personality but nods nicely towards that of the MMM favorite. It’s just as delicate and so perfect for everyday wear. Plus, it’s even more affordable than the original which is never a bad thing.

Coastal Walks has similar notes in bergamot, lemon, ylang ylang, and cedar, but the blend also incorporates patchouli and pine needles, giving it a real earthy quality. For this reason, I think it’s just as easily worn as an autumn fragrance as well as in summer.

8. Beach Bobbi Brown

Beach Bobbi Brown
Beach Bobbi Brown

Where cost is concerned, you’ll be paying around the same amount for Beach by Bobbi Brown as you would for the Maison Martin Margiela perfume. You’ll get a perfume that performs similarly so it’s perfect for day to day wear thanks to its delicate sillage.

But if you have tired of the same old fragrance notes then I feel that Beach makes a nice alternative to Beach Walk. It’s got some lovely white floral notes of jasmine accompanied by sand, seawater and citrus. The summery vibe it gives off is beautiful but it is much like any other summer perfume you could get.

9. Mancera Holidays

Mancera Holidays
Mancera Holidays

Ok, before I start, I have to say that I love the bottles that Mancera perfume comes in. There’s something about the shiny packaging that makes whatever is inside that little more special. But I can’t base my opinion of its similarity on the bottle, can I?

Holidays by Mancera is a lot more expensive than Beach Walk but as I pointed out earlier, you’ve got to expect that when the original is so affordable. However, if you want something that’s similar but not totally the same, this could become your new go-to perfume.

Holidays has many of the same notes like coconut, ylang ylang, and bergamot but it has a splash of seawater and the sweet woody character of sandalwood at the base. I really like this take on the fragrance and actually think I’d buy it over Beach Walk especially since it performs amazingly well. It’ll last all day and stands out like a sore thumb…but in a good way!

10. Live Colorfully Kate Spade

Live Colorfully Kate Spade
Live Colorfully Kate Spade

During my search for dupes of Replica Beach Walk, one of the perfumes that kept being recommended to me was Live Colorfully by Kate Spade and I can totally see why. While it is anything but a direct copy, it’s got enough similarities to pass as a ‘cousin’ to the MMM perfume.

Live Colorfully is rich, warm, fresh, and almost feels edible. It’s bursting with citrus notes at the head followed by the all important coconut and musk notes of the original. But then it also brings in beautiful floral notes of tiare flower, gardenia, and water lily along with the sweetness of vanilla.

Live Colorfully is a brilliant choice if you want a summer perfume that hits a little differently. It’s just as delicate and not in your face so I love it for everyday wear.

On A Final Note

I love a summery perfume to put me in the mood for a day at the beach. Beach Walk is one of the most well-loved within the category but if you ever find yourself getting bored of it, there are lots of alternatives.

You’re not going to ever have to spend a small fortune on Maison Martin Margiela Replica Beach Walk because, compared to other niche brands, it’s pretty cheap. But there are some good, even more affordable clones and a whole host of luxurious perfumes with a similar character.

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