6 Dupes Similar To Tom Ford Bitter Peach

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We all love a good fruity fragrance, but I don’t think there is anything quite like the versatility of Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach. Being a big fan of unisex fragrances, I have always loved how Bitter Peach subverts expectations and smells equally alluring on men as it does with women. I think the trick is that the peach is somehow both the star of the show and also not at all. There’s a complexity to all the notes mixed together that make this a fragrance that can shapeshift depending on who is wearing it.

Although it feels like it is a one-of-a-kind fragrance, I am certainly not the only one who has wished it could be a little more affordable for the general public. Thankfully, I have found some fragrances that not only capture the unique peachy scent of Bitter Peach, but have outdone themselves in making certain notes shine.

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What We Want from Tom Ford Bitter Peach

A fragrance that debuted as a unisex fragrance in 2020, Bitter Peach originally was part of the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. Not your run-of-the-mill fruity fragrance, Bitter Peach was meant to bring out sweetness but also have deep sensual and warming elements. To my nose, this fragrance is the perfect daytime signature scent. It is fruity but grounded in woody elements, and even has a touch of spice and florals. Its sweetness is not overtly fruity, and while you might assume that the fragrance would lean feminine due to its peach structure, it walks a fine line with masculine elements in its woody, amber drydown.

Opening with peach, blood orange, and cardamom, the scent immediately takes on a sweet yet spicy nature that feels warm and refreshing. The middle notes bring a more masculine quality to the scent with rum and cognac being at the forefront, but then subtly mixed with jasmine to bring in a more feminine and light feel. The drydown of patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood is amber forward and sensual, and overall is a surprisingly good mix with the peach as it takes the overall structure out of an overtly sweet place and adds some grounding woodsy elements.

Overall a moderately long-lasting fragrance with good sillage, especially with the peach and patchouli notes, I find Bitter Peach to be the perfect balance of sweet, soft, and woody. I think there is something for everyone at each stage of the structure.

Since it’s such a good contender for a signature scent, you would hope the price would be affordable enough for everyday use. Thankfully, since Tom Ford isn’t exactly in my personal price range, I have found 6 dupes that will keep you smelling peachy keen on the daily without paying luxury prices.

6 Dupes of Tom Ford Bitter Peach

1. Dua Sour Peach

Dua Sour Peach
Dua Sour Peach

If you have wanted a little more peach in your Tom Ford fragrance, this is a good compromise. Very fruity and sweet while still holding on to the similar structure of Tom Ford Peach, Dua Sour Peach leans more feminine in a good way.

Opening with peach and blood orange, you immediately will notice that the fruit is the highlight of this fragrance. The dry down of sandalwood and patchouli will cut through this sweetness enough for you to get some nice masculine and woody elements, though you will definitely find the total structure to be sweeter and bright.

Extremely long-lasting, to my nose this is a younger and more feminine take on the original Tom Ford fragrance.

2. ALT Peach Smash

ALT Peach Smash
ALT Peach Smash

Another more youthful take on the Bitter Peach scent, ALT Peach Smash opens with peach, blood orange, and cardamom which adds a spicier side to the otherwise sweet and refreshing opening. It then dries down into a cognac and jasmine scent which is both deeply warming and floral before fully settling with patchouli and vanilla.

Despite having all the more masculine elements from Tom Ford Bitter Peach, I find this fragrance to still be light and breezy in comparison. The fragrance is long-lasting and the sillage is moderately noticeable. To my nose, this fragrance will become sweeter as it dries, so it might have a bit more feminine take despite the spice and deeper elements.

3. Alexandria Better Peach

Alexandria Better Peach
Alexandria Better Peach

A perfect unisex fragrance, Alexandria Better Peach captures Tom Ford Bitter Peach’s ability for versatility. Opening with peach, blood orange, and cardamom, the fragrance dries down into a cognac, heliotrope and jasmine. The base of the fragrance is a strong vanilla that blends well with the cognac and peach for a sweet but deep scent.

What I like about this fragrance is that it isn’t too cloying despite its sweeter elements, and although they are minor, the bouquet of heliotrope and jasmine do really come through in the middle notes. Overall, I think this fragrance is a nice spicy version that is long-lasting yet not too overpowering.

4. Oil Perfumery Impression of Bitter Peach

Oil Perfumery Impression of Bitter Peach
Oil Perfumery Impression of Bitter Peach

If you wanted a fruity fragrance like Tom Ford Bitter Peach, Oil Perfumery has got you covered. The opening of Peche de Vigne and orange blossom is fruity, sweet, and just a touch boozy. You will also get a hint of cardamom but it will be less spicy than the Tom Ford version. The fragrance dries down into heliotrope, rum, and jasmine before settling with a slight sandalwood note mixed with vanilla.

The peche de vigne makes the peach in this fragrance really stick out on the sweeter side. There is less of the refreshing fruity burst from the opening, but this very deep sweetness melds well with the rum and vanilla throughout the rest of the structure.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the most long-lasting fragrance dupe on the list, but Oil Perfumery is compact and portable with a rollerball design so you can make as many reapplies as you will need.

5. Perfume Parlour Sour Prunus 1763

Perfume Parlour Sour Prunus 1763
Perfume Parlour Sour Prunus 1763

A fragrance that is offered in everything from perfume to body wash, Perfume Parlour takes the original Tom Ford Bitter Peach scent and adds a touch of lightness.

Opening with heliotrope, cardamom, peach, and blood orange, the top notes are automatically a bit more light and airy. The middle notes of davana and jasmine feel floral and soft, which lead into a base of vanilla, sandalwood, and vetiver.

A tad more creamy than the Tom Ford version, I like that this fragrance feels less sticky sweet and more subtle.

6. Fragrenza Better Peach

Fragrenza Better Peach
Fragrenza Better Peach

Mixing a velvety touch to an otherwise peach-heavy fragrance, Fragrenza opens similarly to Tom Ford Bitter Peach with peach, blood orange, and cardamom but its dry down has more silky elements like vetiver.

There is something slightly citrus-forward in this dupe fragrance that is embedded in all parts of the structure. The blood orange feels a bit more bright than in the original, and it makes this fragrance a good contender for a signature scent because of its versatility. The tonka bean and vanilla mixed with the vetiver is deep and comforting, but the cardamom from the opening adds a touch of spice to the mix.

Final Note about Bitter Peach Dupes

Tom Ford Bitter Peach is a fragrance that can be versatile enough to be a signature scent for anyone. Despite this, it is always hard to make a fragrance your go-to scent when you know you won’t be able to afford another bottle once it runs out. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still treat yourself to a spicy peach fragrance that smells just as expensive as the real thing. They might not be a Tom Ford fragrance, but the dupes listed in this post certainly bring the same peachy versatility that we know and love from Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach.

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