Perfume Dupes Similar To Tom Ford Rose Prick

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Rose Prick is a rose floral fragrance released by Tom Ford in 2020. Its spicy, peppery top notes mixed with fragrant May, Bulgarian, and Turkish rose notes make this a “must-have” for anyone who enjoys a rich and earthy rose perfume.

Unfortunately, Rose Prick comes with a hefty price tag and may not fit everyone’s budget. But if you’re looking for a great alternative to this iconic Tom Ford fragrance, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve rounded up a list of ten dupes and alternatives you must try if you can’t track down a bottle of Rose Prick.

The similarities we are looking for in Tom Ford’s Rose Prick

Rose Prick smells like a sultry mix of spicy Sichuan pepper and turmeric combined with a fragrant rose bouquet. I notice a slight lemony vibe after the top notes settle, and it seems to remain as bold rose notes fill the room.

This accord has an earthiness that remains throughout wear, reminding me of fragrant rose incense. These qualities keep Rose Prick from turning too refined. However, that’s part of its charm.

When looking for an alternative fragrance, you want to look for rose-based perfumes that are more powdery and earthy as they dry down. While there is a jammy quality to the rose notes in Rose Prick, you don’t want the fragrance you choose to remain too sweet throughout dry down.

The opening should feature pepper and other spicy notes at the top, and they should remain for the duration of wear. The projection should stay strong and feature a moderate scent trail.

Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s get started on my list of ten alternatives to Rose Prick.

10 Dupes of Tom Ford Rose Prick 

1. Our Impression of Tom Ford – Rose Prick by Oil Perfumery

Our Impression of Tom Ford Rose Prick by Oil Perfumery
Our Impression of Tom Ford Rose Prick by Oil Perfumery

First on my list is Our Impression of Tom Ford Rose Prick by Oil Perfumery. This dupe is surprisingly full-bodied with good projection and longevity.

To my nose, this fragrance has a spicier opening than in Rose Prick. It’s also a bit smokier, especially as the scent matures throughout the day.

Although not included within the accord, I sensed a jalapeno note develop towards the middle of wear, and it also would reappear as it dried down.

Especially if you enjoyed the spicy opening of Rose Prick and wished those spices lingered throughout the day, this dupe by OilPerfumery may be the scent for you.

2. Love Chopard by Chopard for women

Love Chopard by Chopard for women
Love Chopard by Chopard for women

For an alternative to Rose Prick that smells more jammy than spicy, I suggest looking at Love Chopard.

Upon the first spray, I noticed much more of a natural rose water vibe instead of the spiciness of Rose Prick’s opening. As it develops, the rose note becomes bolder, but there is also a sugary vibe.

I think this fragrance smells much more like rose candy, especially as it develops throughout the day.

Cacao notes are detectable at the base, becoming earthier as time passes. This earthiness becomes more prominent with patchouli and sandalwood notes.

Check out this fragrance if you’re looking for something sweeter that still features rose notes and an earthy dry down.

3. Thorned Rose by ALT.

Thorned Rose by ALT
Thorned Rose by ALT

Thorned Rose’s opening has a somewhat synthetic quality at first, but that seems to fade away within a few minutes after the first spray.

I find this fragrance a bit more peppery than Rose Prick, and that vibe lasts throughout the final stages of the scent.

The rose note is also slightly muted when compared to the Rose Prick. The tonka bean note is likewise nearly undetectable. However, its longevity and projection are excellent.

If you can get past the slightly synthetic opening and strong peppery vibe, this is a suitable dupe of the real thing. It’s also much more affordable than Tom Ford’s fragrance.

4. Rose Jam 2012 by Lush

Rose Jam by Lush
Rose Jam by Lush

For a more gourmand rose fragrance that carries some elements of Rose Prick, check out Rose Jam by 2012. As its name suggests, this fragrance is jammy.

The opening gives off green vibes and smells like freshly cut grass to my nose. After a few minutes, there is this unmistakable strawberry jam scent, though fruits are not present within the accord. At this point, the rose note begins to take shape and becomes almost sugary.

To me, Rose Jam smells just like fresh jam made from strawberries and roses. Like Rose Prick, this turns slightly lemony as it dries down.

Its longevity is extreme, so a couple of sprays will last you all day.

5. Prickly Rose by Alexandria Fragrances

Prickly Rose by Alexandria Fragrances
Prickly Rose by Alexandria Fragrances

If you enjoy the spicy opening of Rose Prick and wish it lasted longer, check out Prickly Rose.

As soon as I sprayed it, I smelled a spicy combination of Sichuan pepper and turmeric that developed quickly and lasted much longer than in Rose Prick. About thirty minutes into wear, this spicy opening eventually lessens in intensity, revealing a deep rose heart.

This fragrance has a woodier vibe than Rose Prick, and I found the base also to be a bit spicier as well. The rose notes aren’t nearly as full-bodied as in Rose Prick, and it lacks a bit in longevity and projection.

6. Shaghaf Oud Aswad by Swiss Arabian

Shaghaf Oud Aswad by Swiss Arabian
Shaghaf Oud Aswad by Swiss Arabian

If you’re looking for a woodier option that still features deep rose notes, check out Shaghaf Oud Aswad.

In the first spray, I detected a slightly synthetic smell that faded quickly to reveal a woody and oud note and a deep rose heart.

After a few hours, I sensed a subtle sweetness that smelled like ripened fruit. The sweetness eventually faded, settling into an oud base with smooth vanilla notes.

On my skin, this fragrance had an almost soapy feel to it. This fragrance is spicy, like Rose Prick, but the dry down is more powdery. The sillage is powerful with this fragrance, and the scent lasts longer than Rose Prick.

7. Rosa’s Thorn by The Dua Brand

Rosas Thorn by The Dua Brand
Rosas Thorn by The Dua Brand

Try Rosa’s Thorn by The Dua Brand for a unisex option similar to Rose Prick.

Upon the first spray, I could tell that the turmeric and Sichuan pepper notes were much bolder than what’s featured in Tom Ford’s fragrance. I think it also smells much smokier, mainly as it first develops on the skin.

The rose notes are more intense and take on an earthier vibe as it settles throughout the day.

The sillage and projection are strong, and just a couple of sprays will get you through a long workday. This Rose Prick smell-alike is suitable for fragrance fans looking for something a little more masculine and earthy but still captures the overall essence of Rose Prick.

8. Rose Amber by The 7 Virtues

Rose Amber by The Virtues
Rose Amber by The Virtues

Next on my list is Rose Amber by 7 Virtues. I found the rose notes within this fragrance more understated than Rose Prick.

After the initial spray, the rose notes smelled very full-bodied and developed an earthier vibe than within Rose Prick. However, within minutes of settling, I could only detect hints of vetiver and patchouli.

This fragrance also gives off amber vibes, although this note is absent in its profile. I found Amber Rose lasted significantly longer than Rose Prick.

I think this fragrance may be a good pick for you if you enjoy the earthy dry down of Rose Prick and wish the rose notes were a bit more subtle.

9. Norma Jean by Be Layered

Norma Jean by Be Layered
Norma Jean by Be Layered

I find that Norma Jean smells much greener than Rose Prick at the opening. However, that vibe settles as familiar spicy Sichuan pepper notes develop.

There is a smokiness to the rose notes that give Norma Jean a seductive vibe. There is also a sweetness at the base due to the tonka bean notes, which remain throughout wear.

As it matures, I notice the rose notes remain as the patchouli notes develop, giving it an earthier vibe.

If you’re looking for an alternative fragrance with a greener opening and an earthier base, check out Norma Jean.

10. Young Rose by Byredo

Young Rose by Byredo
Young Rose by Byredo

For a much muskier take on Rose Prick, check out Young Rose. This fragrance starts with strong musk notes that intensify as it develops throughout the day.

While rose notes lie at the heart of this fragrance, they remain in the background and never seem to develop fully.

Throughout the day, I noticed hints of Sichuan pepper and iris would emerge and fade into the background again.

There is also a synthetic amber vibe that became very prominent after a few hours. I also noticed a citrusy aroma.

If you try this fragrance and find the rose notes aren’t projecting as much as you like, try layering it with another rose-based perfume.

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