Why Is Creed Fragrance So Expensive? These Are the 7 Reasons

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Buying a new fragrance is always a joy; discovering new scents and experimenting with perfume brings about a lot of pleasure. But one of the things that baffles people is the cost of certain fragrances. While some perfumes are incredibly affordable, others cost the earth. One of the most well-known costly fragrance brands is Creed, but why is it so expensive?

There are several reasons why perfumes and colognes from Creed are so expensive. With more than 200 perfumes under its belt, Creed certainly has a vast experience and its popularity doesn’t look as though it is set to wane any time soon. Let’s dive in and discover more about this high-end brand.

The 7 Main Reasons Why Creed Colognes and Perfumes Are So Expensive

1. It’s A Symbol Of Status

If you want to show the world that you are a sophisticated person who can afford the finer things in life, then owning a Creed fragrance will allow you to do this. With such an excellent reputation, this is a brand that exudes class and luxury. Those who wear the fragrances are just as high-end as the perfumes. 

Creed has exerted a lot of effort in marketing their products as luxurious and almost elite. As a result of this, people are willing to part with more money to become the proud owner of one of these exclusive colognes. 

Stepping out into the world proudly wearing your beloved Creed scent will show everyone that you are a cut above the rest. And you can’t put a price on that.

2. Creed Uses High-Quality Ingredients

In the fragrance industry today, there are a lot of companies that use synthetic fragrances and low-quality ingredients. As a result of this, perfumes will not last as long or be as greatly projected. 

However, Creed prides itself on creating fragrances that are made using natural ingredients of the highest quality. If you want a perfume that has this kind of quality, you have to be willing to pay the price; after all, Creed is investing more in the creation of these scents. 

For example, oud is one of the most expensive raw materials in the world; some say it’s worth more than its weight in gold. For just one liter of aged oud, you could expect to pay up to $80,000.Since Creed regularly uses this natural ingredient in its fragrances, it becomes much easier to understand why they have such high price tags. 

4. Unique Manufacturing

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fragrances out there that are mass-produced and there isn’t much attention to detail. However, Creed uses some very hands-on manufacturing processes and much of the work is actually done by hand. This, of course, takes much more manpower and time but most interestingly, the company’s creation process is kept very hush hush.

Unlike other brands, Creed individually trains its perfumers and never outsources work. Moreover, the techniques they use to make the fragrances date back as far as the brand itself; more than 250 years.

5. Feel Like Royalty (Or At Least A Celeb)

Since Creed is such a well-established brand, it has picked up some impressive clients along the way. An excellent reputation like this cannot be built overnight yet with centuries of experience, Creed has attracted everyone from royalty to high-end celebrities, all of whom love their fragrances. 

According to Hello Magazine, Prince Charles is a huge fan of Creed Irish Tweed which, in the UK, costs a cool £245. For people who want to feel regal, the range of Creed fragrances will get them a step closer to their dreams. 

But it isn’t just the royal family that are dousing themselves in these luxury fragrances, there are a whole host of celebrities that favor a bottle of Creed’s finest over all other perfumes. For example, David Beckham, who has connections with the royals, wears Creed Aventus as one of his go-to colognes. 

6. Creed is A Brand With A Rich History

We have already talked about the fact that Creed is a brand that dates back more than 250 years but this history is something that attracts clients from all over the world. 

A British company, Creed began in 1760 and started in tailoring. After delivering a pair of gloves to the then King, George III, the scent was so well-received, that Henry Creed began creating luxury fragrances. The brand became so popular that the world-famous Queen Victoria even appointed Creed as her own royal perfumer.

Following this success, the brand found its feet on the continent and opened up a new headquarters in Paris. It wasn’t long before the prestigious company found global success. 

But what stands out more than anything is that the legacy of Henry Creed has been left to his family and the business is still operated by one of his direct descendants. An established family company like this may be luxurious but the intimacy resonates with a lot of people. 

7. Creed Has Incredible Scents

The final, and potentially most important reason that Creed perfumes and colognes are so expensive is simply that they smell amazing. 

It would, of course, seem ridiculous to buy a cologne that smells bad but these fragrances are on another level. Those naturally sourced ingredients that we talked about earlier are responsible for the beautiful scent of Creed perfumes. The expertise of the perfumers allows them to be blended into mind-blowing compositions. 

What’s more, when you spray Creed perfume onto your skin, the scent is immediately noticeable to anyone who comes into contact with you. FInding a perfume that offers this level of projection as well as longevity isn’t always easy but Creed certainly makes it look that way. 

Conclusion: Are Creed Fragrances Worth The Money?

When you think about all the reasons that Creed perfumes and colognes are so expensive, it is difficult to wrap your head around the high price tag. But the question still hangs in the air over whether these fragrances are worth the money. 

Whether Creed fragrances are worth their cost is largely determined by the wearer. For people who have a passion for perfume, the aspects that set Creed apart from the rest are extremely worth it. However, for those who aren’t interested in high-quality ingredients or a rich history, then paying such high prices won’t be something worthwhile. 

Creed fragrances are worth the money because of the love and experience that goes into creating each bottle. With natural organic ingredients and a manufacturing approach that dates back centuries, the price you are paying for Creed fragrance is just as much about brand reputation as it is about quality. 

They say that you get what you pay for, and in the case of Creed, this couldn’t be more fitting. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Creed Prices

How much does Creed cologne cost?

The cost of Creed perfumes and colognes varies depending on which scent you go for. For example, Creed Aventus is one of the most popular scents from the brand and this will set you back around $325. Currently, the cheapest Creed fragrance is one for the ladies called Fleur de Gardenia which retails at $230.

What is the most expensive Creed cologne?

With such an expansive and regal history, it comes as no surprise that the most expensive Creed fragrance comes in at a retail price of more than $1700. While this may seem like an eye-watering cost, this is an exclusive fragrance that was launched in honor of 250 years of the Creed brand. So you’re not only buying a fragrance but a little piece of history. 

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