6 YSL Tuxedo Clones You Need to Know About

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From their clothing lines to their fragrances, there is something so elegant about the Yves Saint Laurent brand. Always being ahead of the game with the trends, I think they outdid themselves with the fragrance Tuxedo, a spicy unisex fragrance that is strong and masculine but has a sweet feminine touch to it. To me, the scent has always been reminiscent of fall art galas or winter dinners with champagne and friends. There is a warming comfort in its elegance.

Although you would think such a luxury brand would have a lock on their recipes, the more I have come across dupes of Tuxedo, the more I am convinced that you don’t need the brand name to evoke the same feeling of warmth and comfort. From fragrances that bring out the feminine side of Tuxedo to ones that have a sillage for days, you can now find clones that smell and feel like a YSL Tuxedo without the price tag.

What We Are looking for in YSL Tuxedo

Debuted in 2015, YSL Tuxedo was part of a “perfume wardrobe” collection inspired by the signature pieces in the YSL clothing line. Since it has continued to gain popularity for its masculine yet unisex structure and warming effect.

To me, this is a fragrance that evokes the feeling of a fall or winter gala. It’s chic, spicy, and has the sensual warming notes of a crisp, cool night accompanied by some fireside cocktails. Despite it feeling more of a masculine fragrance, I like that there is something for both men and women in this structure because of its spicy yet sweet aroma.

Opening with a splash of citrus from bergamot and a floral touch with violet leaf, the spice also begins to kick in with coriander which leads the way to a black pepper mid-note. There are hints of florals during the dry down with a jammy rose and lily of the valley which bring some soft feminine elements, but the final base of the dry down is smoky with patchouli and bourbon vanilla. To top it all off, ambergris cuts through the final base and brings a fresh aquatic feel despite all the other warming elements. To my nose, it’s the perfect balance to keep the fragrance from being too warm.

I find that in the colder months, this fragrance can travel for days and last well, but the summer months might cut the sillage a bit short. Despite this, I think this could definitely be a signature fragrance for anyone who wants to evoke elegant fireside chats all year ‘round.

So, I know what you’re thinking: It’s hard to imagine having a signature scent with that kind of price tag. Fortunately for us, YSL isn’t the only one trying to bring elegance to a whole new level. Here are six Tuxedo dupes that can give you the YSL luxury feel, without costing your whole paycheck.

6 Clones of YSL Tuxedo

1. Dua Tux

Dua Tux
Dua Tux

The first time I smelled Dua Tux I truly couldn’t spot the difference from Tuxedo. Putting a little more emphasis on the ambergris in the dry down, Dua has put the focus on mixing the warming notes of Tuxedo with the fresher, floral, and aquatic elements.

The opening has a hit of spice and citrus but then quickly dries into a bouquet of rose and violet. The dry down has a lingering effect that I find makes the sillage a lot better than Tuxedo, with the bourbon vanilla and black pepper lasting on the skin for hours.

This will be a vanilla heavy scent once the fragrance has dried so be aware if you are not a huge fan. Despite this, I still find the mixture of ambergris and vanilla to even each other out so even if you aren’t the biggest bourbon vanilla lover, it’s still worth the try.

2. Black Tie Affair by Alexandria

Alexander Black Tie Affair
Alexander Black Tie Affair

Focusing on the smoky aspects of Tuxedo, Alexandria’s Black Tie Affair is patchouli-heavy with ambergris and black pepper as the other initial bursts. I think what makes this clone stand out is its similar dry down. The sweet jammy rose and spices mix perfectly together and there are hints of bourbon vanilla that aren’t too overpowering while still adding to the Tuxedo structure.

I fill this scent has more unisex to it than YSL Tuxedo because it allows the sweet floral bouquet to shine in the dry down. It leaves a nice trail and you can easily go five hours without needing to reapply.

3. Oil Perfumery Impression of YSL Tuxedo

Oil Perfumery Impression of YSL Tuxedo
Oil Perfumery Impression of YSL Tuxedo

Maybe the most feminine-leaning clones on this list, Oil Perfumery brings a softer edge to Tuxedo with less spice and more of the sweeter elements.

Opening with violet and coriander, the fragrance dries into a sweet rose and patchouli which is both smoky and sweet. To me, this fragrance has a lot of sensuality to it with its choice in structure, and it’s highlighted even more with the bourbon vanilla dry down. Ambergris adds a touch of aquatic as well which makes the trail more fresh and soft.

What I love about this Tuxedo clone is that not only is it compact and practical, but it probably has the best performance of any of the fragrances on this list.

4.  Suit & Tie by ALT

ALT Suit Tie
ALT Suit Tie

More of an amber fragrance than chypre, ALT Suit & Tie has a deep warming sensation in their fragrance that feels sophisticated but also allows it to lean a bit sweeter in the dry down.

The opening in this fragrance feels a bit powdery to me, which I think works well overall as it dries down into a jammy plum and rose. There is definitely a more feminine touch to this fragrance that steers away from the strong masculine smoke and spice but doesn’t lose the overall structure of Tuxedo.

This clone has top-notch sillage and longevity, with its lasting notes being rose and patchouli.

5.  Divian-678 Tuxedo

Divian 678 Tuxedo
Divian 678 Tuxedo

A perfect fragrance for a Tuxedo clone as it combines all of its elements seamlessly, Divian opens with violet, bergamot, and coriander, all working together to make a nice citrus, floral spice. The dry down is still spicy with black pepper but develops into patchouli and vanilla which feel a bit lighter than Tuxedo.

Definitely hitting all the marks with its warming, spicy elements. I feel the only thing that is lacking in this clone is the sillage. Still, the structure is on par and it strikes a great line between being a strong masculine scent and staying unisex, like YSL Tuxedo.

6.  Rochas Moustache

Rochas Moustache
Rochas Moustache

This fragrance got a lot of hype online for being identical to Tuxedo in its dry down, and it didn’t disappoint.

Rochas Moustache initially opens a bit differently than Tuxedo with pepper and mandarin orange but quickly falls into the same scent structure as Tuxedo with a rose and patchouli dry down. The spice is a bit muted in this fragrance but the warming effects of the patchouli and vanilla are very strong.

Unfortunately, the longevity is a bit lacking with this fragrance and the sillage is more intimate with a light warm vanilla scent. Personally, I do like the freshness this fragrance brings to the overall structure and I find that this scent might be a better fit for events where you don’t want to overpower a crowd with the scent.

Final Note on YSL Tuxedo Clones

YSL Tuxedo has a special place in my heart for evoking great nights out during my favorite times of the year. It’s a spicy, warming mix with florals and ambergris that feel masculine yet soft, and feel like they can light up an entire room. No wonder this fragrance has continued to be popular long after its original release.

YSL might be one of the top names in the luxury world, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find the same quality for less. If you are like me and want to have the scent of crisp fall nights and elegant cocktail lounges anytime you want, you don’t always have to look for brand names to find the right scent. Clones might not make your brand loyal, but they can certainly trick anyone into thinking you have that YSL luxury.

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