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If you’re anything like me, perfume is almost as important as breathing, and discovering new scents is one of life’s little pleasures. But spending hours exploring scent notes and scouring the perfume counters doesn’t always yield great results. But what if new scents could be delivered to your door every month?

If you don’t want to break the bank buying full-sized perfumes before you know whether you’re in love with them or not, then a perfume subscription box might be for you.

I’ve been checking out some of the best perfume box subscriptions and it seems that there really is something for everyone. If you’ve been toying with the idea of experimenting with scent; you’re in the right place. Let’s explore!

Top 10 Best Perfume Subscription Boxes

1. Scentbird – Best Designer Subscription Box


One of the great things about Scentbird is that they have some of the most well-known designer fragrances out there. If you love brands like Dolce&Gabbana, Prada, and Cartier, then you’ll love this subscription box. 

Scentbird is a monthly subscription and it is incredibly affordable; costing only $15.95 a month, you even get a discount on your first order. What’s more, your first order also contains a free fragrance case and no obligation to continue should you find that Scentbird is not for you. All of that and you get free shipping.

There is a huge catalog of fragrances and you’ll receive an 8ml flacon of your choice each month. However, one of the best advantages to using Scentbird is that, if you aren’t sure what to choose, there’s a handy online quiz to point you in the right direction. 

If you suddenly discover a fragrance that sweeps you off your feet, canceling your subscription is super simple using the ‘cancel subscription’ option on your account. However, there is a cut-off point each month so be sure to cancel before this. 

Scentbird is one of the most popular subscriptions and has a lot of choices. The only real downside is that you aren’t able to check out the selection without signing up. 

2. Scent Box – Best Perfume Subscription Gift

Scent Box

If you want to make someone’s day, then there is nothing better than the gift of fragrance. But it can be risky forking out all that money on a perfume that they may not like. That’s where Scentbox really excels. For less than $10 a month, you can give the gift of perfume for a fraction of the cost. The downside? This price goes up after your first month.

That isn’t such a bad thing though when you consider that Scentbox stocks more than 850 genuine designer fragrances. Each month, you’ll choose your scent and it’ll be sent to you as a 30 day supply in an attractive atomizer. 

There’s no minimum term and you can cancel your month-to-month subscription at any time as well as ordering a full-size fragrance, should you find one you love. 

What’s more, ScentBox offers free exchanges which is something that not all perfume subscription services can lay claim to. However, while this is possible, there have been some disgruntled customers talking about how the process isn’t the simplest. 

In terms of gifting, you can even share your subscription with a lucky recipient. If one month, you decide to show off your generosity, you can change the delivery address and brighten someone’s day with a new travel size perfume.

3. Debonair Scent – Best Variety Perfume Subscription Box

Debonair Scent

What’s great about Debonair Scent is that you get three perfume samples every month, giving you much more variety and new scents to discover. To get started, there is a handy online scent profile that allows you to tailor the box to your tastes. Then, Debonair will select three fragrances and send them to you in a gorgeous box. 

Debonair Scent has a wide range of colognes from both niche and designer brands so you’ll find old favorites and unique scents. The cost of the box is pretty average at $15 a month but you’ll also get the same amount towards the cost of any full-sized bottle, which is a nice bonus. 

There are options for both men and women making this one of the most diverse perfume subscriptions and there’s absolutely no commitment to a lengthy contract. It’s easy to cancel at any time.

However, we did notice that the perfume samples are much smaller at just 3ml per vial. That said, you are getting three in total so it’s 9ml overall. It’s just a shame if you get one scent that you don’t like; you may feel as though you haven’t got your money’s worth.

4. Royalty Scents – Best High-End Perfume Subscription

Royalty Scents

Royalty Scents prides itself on bringing customers luxury fragrances for the low cost of $19.95 a month. OK, this is a little more pricey than some of the other perfume subscriptions out there but the company has a great range of more than 500 designer and niche perfumes. 

There have been some odd reviews from some subscribers regarding the quality of the decants. But overall, there is a lot of good hype around Royalty Scents and if you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll likely enjoy this one. 

With brands like Tom Ford and Le Labo, you can choose your favorites or something new. Upon subscribing, you can add up to 12 months of preferences and when you’ve had enough, it’s quick and easy to cancel. Alternatively, Royalty Scents offers the option to pause your subscription for up to three months. 

Shipping is free for most of the United States, although there is a small $0.69 fee if you’re in Alaska or Hawaii. Unfortunately, if you’re an international customer, the shipping fees are quite high so you may be better off choosing a different box.

5. Olfactif – Best Niche Perfume Subscription Box


Not everyone wants to have the same mainstream perfumes as the rest of the world and that’s where Olfactif really shines. This perfume subscription box is ideal for those looking to discover niche fragrances. 

What’s even better is that you aren’t limited to receiving just one scent a month, like many other companies. With Olfactif, you will receive three deluxe samples in every box allowing you to discover more unusual scents. You’ll also get some exciting info on the perfumes and their creations which is a nice touch.

When you want to purchase a full-sized bottle, Olfactif gives some excellent offers for money off; as much as 20%. That said, the monthly subscription fee is slightly higher than some other boxes at just shy of $17. 

If you aren’t happy, you can cancel with no penalties and there is an option to skip a month if you don’t need any more fragrance. However, some users mentioned that you will continue to be billed beyond your subscription if you don’t cancel, so do watch out for this. 

We love the unique range of fragrances at Olfactic but there is a minor flaw that lets it down. You don’t have the option to tailor your box to your preference and each month, the same scents go out to everyone.

6.’s Perfume Of The Month Club – Best Value For Money Monthly Perfume Subscription Perfume of the Month Club

The whole point of using a perfume subscription box is to help you stop wasting money on full-sized perfumes you might not like. So, the last thing you want is to have to fork out a huge amount each month and that’s why we love the Perfume of the Month Club from

For less than $10 a month, you will receive one of the company’s best-selling fragrances; and best of all, you get to choose. Of course, this isn’t a large bottle and you’ll get the seemingly standard 8ml bottle each month, but it’s a very affordable price. And if you can’t decide what to choose, they’ll do it for you; it’s completely hassle-free. 

What’s more, Perfume of the Month Club can be tailored to your liking. There is an option to sign up for men’s or women’s fragrances as well as choosing perfumes you’d like to try. It’s easy to cancel at any time.

Not only is Perfume of the Month affordable, but it also has one of the best selections of fragrances to choose from. There are more than 500 designer and niche perfumes so it’ll take a long time before you get bored. Even better is that, should you fall for a fragrance, the website offers as much as 80% off full-sized bottles. Now that’s value for money.

7. The Fragrance Club – Best Monthly Subscription Box

The Fragrance Club

Signing up for an expensive monthly subscription can feel like a bit of a gamble. But the fact that The Fragrance Club offers subscriptions from as little as $8.99 a month makes this an incredibly attractive option.

Signing up is quick and easy and you have total complete control over the scents you receive. This is a great choice for people who love designer fragrances as The Fragrance Club stocks everything from Marc Jacobs to Armani and everything in between. The samples are larger than many of the competing boxes and when you couple this with the cost, it becomes even more alluring. 

It’s easy to cancel when you’ve had enough and you can alter your deliveries so you don’t end up with a huge number of samples. There are options for 1, 2, or 12-month subscriptions which gives you even greater control.

What’s more, there are boxes for men and women so nobody misses out. The fragrances are presented in a stunning gift box and the vials are super attractive so look just as good as they smell.

8. Perfume Surprise – Best Overall Perfume Subscription Box

Perfume Surprise

Perfume surprise may be the most expensive subscription box on this list but there’s a reason we feel it is the best overall option. You get much more variety every month with no less than five samples in each box. On top of this, you get a piece of cute jewelry in each delivery, which makes this a little bit more special. 

The perfumes are much smaller at just 2.5ml per sample but there’s an easy-to-use online store to purchase larger bottles, should you wish. They’re all designer fragrances so if you’re into mainstream perfumes then this is definitely a box worth considering. 

You can select either a single month or six-month subscription and you can cancel at any time. If you opt for the six-month membership then you’ll pay the entire fee upfront but you get the last month free. 

What I really loved about Perfume Surprise was that the boxes are themed each month. This is a nice touch and is ideal if you like the idea of something a little more organized. It does mean, however, that you have less control over what goes into your box. 

9. LUXSB – Best Luxury Perfume Subscription


Signing up to LUXSB is super easy and you can choose from various subscription lengths. There is even the option to add premium fragrances on months of your choosing so if you’re feeling extra special one month, this is a nice option. 

The only real catch is that in the fine print on the website, it details that you cannot have a one-off box. If you sign up for a one-month subscription with a promo code, in reality, you must take at least two of these. However, you get a nice 9ml bottle of fragrance which is larger than many other companies and there’s a fragrance quiz to help you find your perfect scent. 

LUXSB stocks a range of designer and niche perfumes and there are more than 550 to choose from. You’ll get a massive discount for your first month; 35% as a matter of fact which is a great incentive to try despite being tied in for month two.

Canceling is super easy but there is also an option to pause the subscription for up to three months if you just want to take a break.

10. Skylar Scent Club – Best Natural Perfume Subscription Box

Skylar Scent Club

If you suffer from allergies to perfumes because of chemical ingredients then Skylar is an amazing option for you. The company takes a unique approach to perfume subscription and only offers light fragrances that are free from harmful ingredients. 

While this is the main selling point of this subscription, there are some other exciting features that really make Skylar stand out. For starters, these are rollerball perfumes as opposed to sprays which may last a little longer. Moreover, you start your subscription with a limited edition scent.

There are lots of perfumes to choose from and Skylar also has a reasonably priced online shop when you find your favorite, and you’ll get 20% off as a member. It’s $20 a month which is a little higher than average but worth the investment if you want a hypoallergenic fragrance. 

You can cancel your subscription easily or there is the option to skip or swap giving you much more control over everything.

The only significant downside to using Skylar is that you will only ever receive their own brand fragrances. If you’re looking to discover designer scents then this won’t be the right box for you.

Frequently Asked Questions On Perfume Subscription Boxes

What perfume subscription is best?

There are a lot of great perfume subscriptions and it would be difficult to say which was the best. This largely depends on what you are looking for from a subscription. What is best for one person might not be great for the next. 

It is important to think about the number of fragrances you would like to receive as well as your budget and what type of perfume you want.

Are perfume subscription boxes worth it?

Perfume subscriptions might not be worth it if you know which scent you love and just want a full-sized bottle. However, if you want the opportunity to discover new scents and experiment then these affordable subscriptions provide you with enough fragrance to last a month and are extremely worth it. What’s more, once you find the perfect scent you can cancel so you won’t go on to waste money.

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