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Remix Cologne Edition 2018 by 4711

Remix Cologne Edition 2018 by 4711
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Brand: 4711

Key Notes of Remix Cologne Edition 2018

What Does Remix Cologne Edition 2018 Smell Like

Remix Cologne Edition 2018 by 4711 opens with a crisp, zesty fragrance that immediately evokes a sense of freshness. A strong note of lemon is prominent, lending a tangy briskness that's complemented by the slightly softer scent of bergamot. A hint of tea surfaces, subtly adding a calming undertone to the otherwise vibrant citrus opening.

As the initial freshness begins to mellow, the perfume transitions to a medley of bitter orange and neroli. The combination of these middle notes introduces a more intricate, fruity dimension to the scent profile. The bitter orange is prominent with its sharp, citrusy aroma, while the neroli adds a sweet, floral note that softens the overall fragrance. The inclusion of gentian, although less noticeable, contributes a subtle earthy touch to the blend.

Gradually, the perfume settles into its final phase where woody and musky elements come into play. Cedarwood lends a solid, grounded aroma that’s slightly resinous, while musk adds a sensuous depth that lingers. The faint, warm note of cashmeran adds a final sophisticated nuance to the perfume, wrapping up the scent journey with a smooth, comforting finish.

Remix Cologne Edition 2018 by 4711, therefore, is a citrus-driven perfume that evolves pleasantly from a fresh, energetic opening to a complex, subtly woody and musky dry down.

Review of Remix Cologne Edition 2018

Remix Cologne Edition 2018 by 4711 is a lively unisex fragrance that dances between a fresh citrusy concoction and a soft woody undertone. Its dominant, invigorating citrus aroma is intermingled with a pleasant freshness, making it a compelling choice for those who favor vibrant, energetic perfumes. The subtly fruity notes add a pleasant sweetness without overpowering the composition, while the hints of green and floral aspects bring a natural, earthy touch. Though the scent's staying power may not be its strongest suit, it doesn't falter in terms of value for money. While the perfume can be worn throughout the year, it truly shines during the warm, playful days of summer and spring. It's a fitting companion for leisurely outings and daily activities while also lending itself well to business and sporty occasions. 4711's Remix Cologne Edition 2018 brings an appealing twist to classic fragrances, proving itself worthy of consideration for those who lean towards citrus and fresh perfumes.

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