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Onyx by Aaron Terence Hughes

aaron terence hughes onyx
Gender: Unisex

What Does Onyx Smell Like

Onyx by Aaron Terence Hughes is a unisex fragrance that presents a complex mixture of floral, woody, and spicy notes. The scent opens with a moderate presence of rose absolute, lending a fresh and natural floral touch. As the perfume unfolds, subtle hints of chocolate, plum, and vanilla absolute emerge, adding a gentle sweetness to the composition. These gourmand elements intertwine with the oriental undertones of the fragrance.

In the base, the scent reveals a combination of Thai oud, ambergris, musk, patchouli, and sandalwood. The oud creates a distinctive woody depth, while the ambergris and musk introduce a touch of animalic warmth. Patchouli and sandalwood contribute to the earthy foundation, enhancing the overall character and richness of the perfume.

Throughout its development, Onyx maintains a well-rounded profile, with the floral, woody, spicy, sweet, oriental, fruity, smoky, gourmand, and animal accords skillfully interwoven. The result is a unique and memorable fragrance that showcases a wide range of olfactory nuances.

Review of Onyx

Onyx, an alluring unisex fragrance by Aaron Terence Hughes, has been widely praised for its remarkable longevity and impressive sillage. Combining a variety of intriguing scent profiles, this perfume offers a harmonious blend of floral, woody, spicy, sweet, and oriental notes. Though it features a touch of fruity, smoky, gourmand, and animalic undertones, these elements take a backseat to the primary scent categories.

Primarily crafted for mature men and women, Onyx's appeal skews slightly more towards a male audience. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a versatile scent suitable for various occasions, particularly during the fall and winter months. Its warm and inviting nature makes it perfect for evening events or a night out, but it also adapts well to leisurely activities and can even be worn during daytime outings.

While Onyx may not be the best option for younger individuals or those looking for a summer fragrance, it delivers great value for those who appreciate its unique scent composition and exceptional performance. All in all, Onyx by Aaron Terence Hughes is a noteworthy perfume that can effortlessly complement your style and enhance your presence, whether at work or during more casual gatherings.

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