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First Instinct Extreme by Abercrombie & Fitch

First Instinct Extreme by Abercrombie & Fitch
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Perfumer: Philippe Romano

Key Notes of First Instinct Extreme

What Does First Instinct Extreme Smell Like

First Instinct Extreme by Abercrombie & Fitch opens with a striking fruity facet, featuring the pleasingly exotic scent of ripe kiwano. This melon-like aroma intertwines with the aromatic zing of gin tonic, lending a pleasantly intoxicating and vibrant edge to the perfume. With the first spray, the perfume makes an assertive statement, evoking a mélange of tropical fruits laced with a playful hint of juniper-infused spirit.

As it evolves, the scent introduces an herbal layer with violet leaf, imparting a slightly earthy, green undertone. This is expertly complemented by a melody of citrus notes, evoking a distinct zestiness, like peeling back the rind of a fresh orange. Then comes the kick of Sichuan pepper, which introduces a mildly piquant and slightly lemony accent that further enhances the fragrance’s invigorating character.

As it settles on the skin, the perfume reveals a warm, sensuous base. The presence of amber brings a sweet, full-bodied resonance, while the inclusion of suede adds a subtly soft texture that rounds off the scent beautifully. This leathery undertone gives depth to the fragrance, grounding the fruity and citrusy top and middle notes, and leaving an enticing trace on the skin.

Review of First Instinct Extreme

Abercrombie & Fitch's First Instinct Extreme is a daring and vibrant scent designed specifically for men, and it's easy to see why this fragrance has garnered a loyal following among its target audience. Its charm lies in its surprising blend of fruity and spicy notes, resulting in an aroma that is lively yet seductive.

From the first spritz, you're greeted with a burst of the exotic Kiwano, a melon-like fruit with a subtly sweet flavor, complemented by the crispness of gin tonic. This invigorating introduction sets the stage for a robust heart of violet leaf and Sichuan pepper, lending a warming touch to the overall composition.

The fragrance's longevity is decent, lasting through a good part of the day. But if you're planning a long night out, a reapplication may be necessary. It isn't a scent that shouts, but rather lingers subtly in the air, leaving a faint trace of its presence.

First Instinct Extreme is a versatile perfume, equally suitable for both professional environments and casual settings. Its moderate sweetness and freshness make it a good fit for autumn and spring, although it can certainly be worn year-round.

In terms of value, this perfume is a solid investment, striking a fine balance between quality and affordability. However, the scent does lean towards the synthetic side, which may not appeal to those who prefer more natural-smelling fragrances.

In summary, Abercrombie & Fitch's First Instinct Extreme is an energetic and inviting perfume that thrives on its uniqueness. While it has its minor flaws, it's still an excellent choice for men seeking a fragrance that is both bold and approachable.

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