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Colonia Assoluta by Acqua di Parma

Colonia Assoluta by Acqua di Parma
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2003

Key Notes of Colonia Assoluta

What Does Colonia Assoluta Smell Like

Colonia Assoluta by Acqua di Parma opens with a bright citrusy scent, with bergamot taking the lead, closely followed by a tangy undertone of bitter orange. There's also a touch of pimento, bringing a slight yet intriguing spiciness to the initial impression. As the perfume unfolds, the heart notes come forward. Here, the sensual, exotic fragrance of ylang-ylang blends seamlessly with the sweet, heady aroma of jasmine. Cedar and vetiver add depth and warmth, resulting in a woody, earthy middle stage. As the perfume settles, the base notes come to the fore. The clean, slightly powdery scent of white musk is noticeable, accentuated by the rich, mossy smell of oakmoss. Resins contribute a sticky sweetness that complements the underlying earthy patchouli perfectly. Overall, Colonia Assoluta is a luminous fragrance, blending citrusy, floral, and woody elements into a scent that's both fresh and spicy, with a subtly deep, resinous finish.

Review of Colonia Assoluta

Colonia Assoluta by Acqua di Parma presents a lively burst of citrus notes, making it a vibrant selection for those who enjoy energetic and invigorating scents. It's a unisex perfume, however, it seems to lean slightly more towards masculine preferences. The perfume unfolds with an initial freshness, which slowly transitions into a subtle spicy heart, before settling into a soft, woody base. Interestingly, there's a hint of floral and green notes, adding an element of naturalness to the fragrance.

While it's suitable for all-year wear, it shines particularly during the warm summer and spring months. It's a versatile scent, fitting for a variety of settings - from daily activities to business engagements. It's also a suitable choice for sporty occasions. However, it might not be the best choice for those seeking a powerful, long-lasting perfume or a distinct evening scent. Overall, Colonia Assoluta offers a spirited, fresh, and subtly complex fragrance experience.

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