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Colonia Intensa by Acqua di Parma

Colonia Intensa by Acqua di Parma
Concentration: Eau de Cologne
Gender: Men
Release date: 2007

Key Notes of Colonia Intensa

What Does Colonia Intensa Smell Like

Colonia Intensa by Acqua di Parma is a men's fragrance that opens with a bright and zesty blend of citrus, featuring prominent Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian lemon. This initial burst of freshness is complemented by the warmth and spiciness of cardamom and ginger, creating a well-balanced and invigorating opening.

As the top notes settle, the perfume transitions to a more herbal and floral heart, with artemisia and neroli taking center stage. The presence of myrtle adds an aromatic twist to the scent, making it more intriguing and complex.

Gradually, the fragrance reveals its woody and leathery foundation. Cedarwood lends a solid and masculine base, while musk adds a smooth and sensual aspect to the composition. Undertones of benzoin provide a hint of sweetness, which is nicely contrasted by the earthiness of patchouli. The leather note ties everything together, giving the scent a distinguished and mature character.

Overall, Colonia Intensa is a well-rounded fragrance that combines the freshness of citrus, the complexity of herbal and floral notes, and the depth of woody and leathery elements. It is a scent that manages to be both refreshing and comforting, making it a versatile choice for any modern man.

Review of Colonia Intensa

Colonia Intensa by Acqua di Parma, released in 2007, is an eau de cologne formulated particularly for men. With a predominantly male audience, this scent is well-suited for the mature and confident individual who appreciates a classic fragrance reminiscent of citrus, fresh, spicy, and woody notes.

The aroma of Colonia Intensa is characterized by its dominant citrus and fresh notes, followed by a subtle blend of spices and woods. The presence of leathery and green undertones adds depth and character to the overall scent. This harmonious composition makes it an ideal choice for warmer seasons, such as summer and spring, yet versatile enough to be worn during fall as well.

One of the appealing aspects of this fragrance is its suitability for various occasions. Wearers can confidently don this scent in both daily and leisure settings, as well as in professional environments. For those looking to make a subtle statement during evening events or nights out, Colonia Intensa can also be a fitting choice. Its moderate sillage ensures that the scent won't overpower any room, making it perfect for more intimate gatherings and sports activities.

In conclusion, Colonia Intensa by Acqua di Parma is a fragrance tailored for men who seek a classic and versatile scent that can be worn across multiple settings and seasons. Its blend of citrus, fresh, spicy, and woody notes, accompanied by leathery and green undertones, creates a confident and timeless aroma.

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